Privacy policy

At SPI Health and Safety Inc., we thrive by protecting not only your health and safety but also your privacy. We acknowledge that your personal information must remain secure and be processed in a transparent, lawful, and fair manner that meets the highest standards of personal information protection.

This Website Policy explains how we collect, use, disclose, and protect your personal information when you are browsing our website, as well as when you are interacting with us, such as when you are contacting us or purchasing our products.

This Website Policy applies to all processing of personal information by SPI Health and Safety Inc., with one exception: the processing of our employees’ personal information. In this case, the processing of personal information is subject to other policies that apply specifically within SPI Health and Safety Inc.

We also refer you to our Terms and Conditions.

Please note that we may have to modify this Website Policy to take into account of any developments of a technological, legal or political nature. If you have an account with us, you may be notified of such a modification, by email or in your account.

How do we define personal information?

In line with the highest standards regarding your privacy, we define personal information as any information that may allow us to identify you or that could make you identifiable.

This broad definition includes many different types of information, such as your name, your email address, your computer’s IP address and “cookies” and similar technologies.

Why do we consider cookies to be personal information?

Cookies are small alphanumeric identifiers or small data text files that are sent from a server during a browsing session. These small pieces of information are stored on your device(s) when you visit certain websites and may be used to simulate a continuous connection to those websites, including by automatically identifying a browser.

Cookies may include information that is considered to be personal information under the data protection law of several territories.

When we refer to cookies in this Website Policy, we also refer to other technologies having a similar purpose, such as pixels, tags and identifiers.

What types of personal information do we process about you?

When you are browsing on our website, most of the personal information that we collect about you may be divided into the following types:

  • Identification information, such as your name, phone number and email and physical addresses;

  • Occupation information, such as your company name, title, function and shipping and billing addresses;

  • Electronic information, such as your IP address, any cookies installed on your device(s) and your online identifiers allowing access to your account;

  • Financial information, such as your payment card number and its expiration date and verification number. Rest assured that we do not store your financial information since it is processed directly via PayPal;

  • Other information, such as any personal information that you may have included in your customer service request(s), blog discussion(s) with us, live-chat conversation(s) with us or feedback to us.

Also, the Careers section of our website presents you with exciting job opportunities in our various departments and locations. If you are interested in joining our team, send us your resume by email or apply directly for the relevant position using our website. If you apply on our website, you may do so via your LinkedIn or Facebook profile, in which case we will have access to the information that you make available to us in this way. As part of the recruitment process, we may also collect personal information such as information regarding your education and employment background and your eligibility to work in Canada and travel to the US. Please note that we will perform a criminal background check on any candidates selected, and that job offers are made only to candidates who pass the check.

Why do we process your personal information?

The data protection law of several territories uses the term “processing” to refer to any operations performed on your personal information. The different operations include collecting, recording, organizing, structuring, storing, modifying, consulting, using, publishing, combining, erasing and destroying.

We process your personal information for the following purposes:

  • to process your orders and deliver our products;

  • to manage our customer relationship with you, including to respond to any request(s) that you make in the Contact Us section of our website;

  • to have a better understanding of your interests and preferences, to help us improve our website, products and services accordingly;

  • (provided that you authorize us beforehand to do so) to conduct surveys or to request feedback on your overall experience with us and your level of satisfaction with our products and services, through our Voice of Customer program;

  • (provided that you authorize us beforehand to do so) to provide you with our newsletters or other information regarding our training sessions, products, services, developments, updates, events and conferences and any other opportunities for you to collaborate with us, in our consultation or focus groups. Rest assured that you will always have the option to unsubscribe. Click here for more information on how to unsubscribe;

  • to schedule appointments and send reminders, such as when you register for one of our OHS Training Courses;

  • to provide you with personalized advertising regarding our products that we believe may be of interest to you based on your habits, through re-targeting on Facebook and Google. For more information on re-targeting, including how to opt out of re-targeting by Facebook and Google, click on the relevant link, for Facebook or Google;

  • to conduct personalized and targeted marketing campaigns and activities;

  • to manage and administer our website and social media pages for security, anti-fraud and performance purposes;

  • to help you find the best job opportunity with us, if you apply using the Careers section of our website;

  • to notify you of modifications to our Website Policy and so forth;

  • to comply with the law, including to act on any lawful order made under a warrant or by a court. Only after confirming that the order is lawful will we act on it at all.

We use cookies to ensure that your experience browsing on our website is the best that it can be. We also use cookies for the following reasons:

  • to ensure that our website is working as it should, that you have access to all its functionalities and that you benefit from a personalized experience

  • to save your preferences and online identifiers;

  • to perform analytics to understand what pages and advertisements you like and how you ended up on our website and using what type(s) of device;

  • to perform re-targeting operations through Facebook and Google and ensure that you are presented with relevant advertisements about our products. Again, for more information on re-targeting, click on the relevant link, for Facebook or Google;

  • (if you subscribe to our mailing list) to know whether you have opened any of our emails to you and from what device(s). We also use cookies to know whether you have clicked on any offer that we have sent you by email and that redirected you to our website. Information on whether you have done so helps us understand which promotions work better than others for you and allow us to send you better personalized offers.

What types of cookies do we use?

When you are browsing on our website, different types of cookies are installed on your hard drive or your device’s/devices’ storage space.

Cookies may be installed either by us or by others (namely third parties):

  • First-party cookies – First-party cookies are installed by our website and used for our own specific purposes, such as personalizing our website. They may be installed or accessed by us and only us.

  • Third-party cookies – Third-party cookies are usually installed on a website via added scripts or tags. Sometimes, these scripts may also add further functionalities to a website.

We use both session and persistent cookies:

  • Session cookies – Session cookies are stored temporarily in your device’s/devices’ memory and are not retained after your session has closed. We use this type of cookie to ensure that you have a user-friendly experience.

  • Persistent cookies – Persistent cookies are stored on your hard drive or device’s/devices’ storage space until they expire or until you delete them. Persistent cookies are often used to simplify your browsing experience or collect statistical information on the use of a website. For instance, Google Analytics uses persistent cookies.

We use different types of cookies:

  • Strictly necessary cookies – Strictly necessary cookies enable you to browse on our website, to use its features, including to purchase our products, and to browse securely. For instance, we use a cookie called “X-CSRF-TOKEN” to ensure browsing security by preventing “cross-site request forgery” (a type of cyberattack).

  • Performance and analytics cookies – Performance and analytics cookies collect information about how people use a website, such as which pages they visit most often and whether they receive error messages from the pages. These cookies do not collect information that allows us to specifically identify you. They provide aggregated information about our visitors. For example, we use a cookie called “_ga” that allows Google Analytics to generate aggregated statistical data on how a person uses our website.

  • Functionality cookies – Functionality cookies are used for enhanced functionalities. For example, we use a cookie called “edgebucket” to enable a visitor to share content from our website on social media platforms or websites.

  • Marketing and targeting cookies – Marketing and targeting cookies help us deliver relevant advertising content to you based on your interests, including by using social media platforms or websites such as Facebook. These cookies also limit the number of times that you are shown an advertisement.

Who will access your personal information within SPI Health and Safety Inc.?

We limit access to your personal information to a group of authorized employees, on a need-to-know basis. These employees sign confidentiality agreements.

Do we share your personal information with third parties?

We do not sell your data to third parties for their own marketing purposes. In certain cases, we may need to transfer our rights to your personal data. These cases include a merger, an acquisition, bankruptcy or a sale of assets.

We may need to share your personal information with certain third parties that we partner with to provide you with our products, to operate our website, for advertising purposes or because we are required to do so by law.

These third parties may be divided into the following types:

  • Distribution and delivery partners – We use distribution and delivery partners to ensure that we are able to deliver our products to the right location and manage our supply chain appropriately.

  • Financial partners – When you purchase our products on our website, we use financial partners to complete these transactions.

  • Marketing partners – We use marketing partners to offer promotional communications, receive feedback on your customer experience, to deliver online video conferences and for other similar purposes. We also work with Facebook to offer you interest-based advertising. Click here to learn more about interest-based advertising.

  • IT-service partners – We use IT-service partners to ensure that our website is functional and secure. We also use these partners to offer you functionalities such as live chat.

During the recruitment process, we may use our applicant tracking system to compare and rank candidates, set up screening questions, create interview notes, send meeting requests and messages and, if you are successful in your application, send you an offer. Once you accept this offer, your applicant profile will transform into an employee profile, and you will be subject to our employee privacy policy.

We may also need to share your personal information to comply with orders made by the authorities. When we receive any such order, we check that it is lawful and, if possible, inform you of the situation before sharing your personal information.

Finally, our website may also include links to third-party websites, including social media. If you click on these links, you will be leaving our website, and the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information will be subject to those third-parties’ policies and practices.

What about third-party cookies?

We do not allow any advertising partners to collect your personal information directly from our website for their own purposes.

We may display interest-based advertisements to you through the Custom Audience tool offered by Facebook. This tool allows us to personalize our advertisements based on your shopping experience with us. We do not share your personal information with Facebook. In particular, we do not share your shopping history. The tool allows us to convert your email address into a unique number that Facebook matches with the unique numbers that it generates from the email addresses of its users.

To monitor the efficiency of our advertisements for statistical and market research purposes, we may also use the Conversion Tracking Pixel tool offered by Facebook. The data with it collected remains anonymous, meaning that we cannot distinguish the personal information individual by individual. Facebook may match the data with your Facebook account and use the data for its own advertising purposes, according to its own Data Policy. For more information, click on the following link, for Facebook – Data Policy.

To opt out of Custom Audience and Conversion Tracking Pixels, click here. If you opt out, we will remove you from all our custom audiences.

We also use the Google Analytics tool to perform analytics on our website’s performance. This tool is not intended to track you individually. It is only intended to give us an idea of the overall traffic on our different webpages. Google installs a tracking code on your device(s) and collects data such as the number of times that a user has visited the website, the dates of the first and last visits and the exact time of the visits. It also collects data on how the user arrived on the website, which may include search terms used or links clicked on. This data helps us understand which products and website functionalities are of interest to you.

To opt out of Google Analytics, click here.

Where do we process your personal information?

Our website is hosted in Canada and the United States.

However, when we share your personal information with our trusted partners, they may store some of it in databases located in Canada, in the United States or elsewhere. For instance, if you apply for a job opportunity through Ceridian, our human resources partner, your personal information will be processed in a data centre located in the United States.

How long do we keep your personal information?

We keep your personal information for as long as we have a relationship with you and for as long as required by law. For instance, we keep your order history for seven years.

Please note that we do not keep your payment card information, which is handled by PayPal.

How do we protect your personal information?

We strive to put and keep in place all measures necessary for the protection of your personal information. For instance, we perform penetration and intrusion testing (testing on how vulnerable we are to cyberattacks) to ensure that our website is secure, and we use a PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard)-compliant third party to process your payment card information.

We also strive to select only the most trustworthy partners – partners that will respect our own high standards of personal information protection. We have accordingly put in place a partner-selection procedure.

We encrypt all the data stored for digital users, such as self-assessment questionnaires, phone numbers, and names. We ensure that all documents are encrypted at the highest standard and protected by the latest available technology.

SPI does not store or request sensitive health data from any of its digital products or SPI SafeDay users. If such data is requested, it will be protected with state-of-the-art technology.

What are your rights regarding your personal information?

If you request the transcription, reproduction, or transmission of your personal information, we may have to charge you a reasonable fee, subject to what is required by law. In the case of any such request, we will inform you of the amount of the fee before processing the request.

There may also be cases where your ability to access or control your personal information will be limited, in cases such as the protection of other people’s privacy, as required or permitted by law. If we deny your request, we will notify you, in writing, as to why the request was denied and how to appeal our decision. We will keep the relevant personal information until you have exhausted all recourse available to you under the law.

How can you withdraw your authorization to receive our electronic communications?

We will use electronic communications only to provide you with our newsletter, specialized OHS information and exclusive offers, and only if you authorize us beforehand to do so.

However, if you no longer wish to receive these communications, you will always have the option to unsubscribe, by:

  • clicking the unsubscribe link included in our electronic communications;

  • updating your preferences in your account;

  • using the Contact Us section of our website, sending us an email at [email protected] or sending us a letter at the following physical address:

SPI Health and Safety
60 Gaston-Dumoulin Street
Blainville QC J7C 0A3 Canada

Please note that we may also contact you by email for legitimate purposes regarding your payments and other legal or administrative matters. When we do so, we are not required to have you authorize us beforehand to do so.

How can you manage your cookie preferences?

Browsers and devices include tools that allow you to control cookies, including to block them, to be notified when you are subject to them and to control the ones already stored on your device(s). However, if you block all cookies, you may not be able to access all the functionalities of our website.

The procedure for managing your cookie preferences will depend on your browser. Here are some links to help you control cookies:

To opt out of Google Analytics, click here.

To opt out of Facebook Custom Audience and Conversion Tracking Pixels, click here. If you opt out, we will remove you from all our custom audiences.

Finally, note that we do not yet respond to Do Not Track signals. Do Not Track signals are a requirement of a Californian law that entitles Californian residents to know how an organization responds to Do Not Track browser settings. If activated by you, such settings send a special signal to the websites that you visit while browsing the web, indicating that you do not wish to be tracked. When we start responding to such signals, we will update this Website Policy with information on how we respond.

How can you delete your account?

Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us, and we hope that you will stay with us for the duration. However, if you wish to delete your account, you may do so by contacting us in the Contact Us section of our website, sending us an email at [email protected] or sending us a letter at the following physical address:

SPI Health and Safety
60 Gaston-Dumoulin Street
Blainville QC J7C 0A3 Canada

Please note that you also have the opportunity to edit your account information at any time in your account.

How can you reach us if you have any other questions or concerns?

It would be our pleasure to help you if you have any other questions or concerns regarding our Website Policy. Do not hesitate to contact us, whether by using the Contact Us section of our website, by sending us an email at [email protected] or by sending us a letter at the following physical address:

SPI Health and Safety
60 Gaston-Dumoulin Street
Blainville QC J7C 0A3 Canada