Make sure you’re seen yet comfortable with IFR

Make sure you’re seen yet comfortable with IFR


In many industries such as construction and utilities, being visible is paramount. Being seen by everyone is one of the most critical aspects of workplace safety. This is especially true in an environment where vehicles are involved and in situations where your presence must be well noticed.

High-visibility safety clothing allows you to be seen by other workers, heavy vehicle operators, and the public, day, and night, especially in low light or dark conditions.

Comprehensive options for safety and comfort

IFR Workwear is a leader in the design and manufacture of flame-resistant safety clothing. The Alberta-based company offers a complete line of protective workwear, such as insulated and unlined coveralls and bib pants, parkas, fleece jackets, safety vests, helmet liners, and much more. All products offered by the company are made in North America.

Who are their products for?

IFR supplies many companies in the oil, mining, electrical, rail, construction, utilities, road, and many other industries.

Clothing that meets the CSA Z96 standard

Since visibility is crucial, IFR ensures that the garments designed and manufactured in their factories meet the CSA Z96 standard, the recognized Canadian high-visibility standard.

The CSA standard defines three safety apparel classes based on the performance levels of the reflective materials, the colors, the brightness of the base materials, and the body surface to be covered.

This article gives you all the information about the high-visibility clothing classes and the CSA Z96 standard.

What about comfort?

While safety is paramount, comfort should not be underestimated. After all, safety clothing is usually worn for long hours. Comfort, handling, and ease of movement are important workplace safety features to consider when purchasing these items.

In that respect, IFR also prioritizes the well-being and comfort of the workers. The garments manufactured by the company are made of fabrics, materials, and components that have been tried and tested for durability, visibility, and comfort.

Products perfectly tailored to women

One of the challenges for women who wear work clothes is to find the right fit that suits them. That’s why IFR has decided to create a workwear line specially designed for them.

These garments offer the perfect fit for the most demanding tasks. Workers will be able to find a wide range of products specifically designed for them, including work shirts, zippered jackets, cargo pants, and more.

And all this without forgetting their IFR Suit All 2-piece coverall, a design that both women and men love due to the unmatched fit it can provide.   

This excellent fit is due to the flexibility of being able to mix and match the size of the pants and jacket, which of course is not an option with a standard one-piece coverall and can be especially appealing to women. 

The Ultrasoft 7oz 88% cotton/12% high tenacity nylon fabric provides the wearer with a high degree of comfort, breathability, and most importantly, protection in the event of a flash fire or arc flash incident. The 3M FR industrial wash striping also provides unsurpassed employee visibility for the life of the garment.

Make sure you’re seen while being comfortable with IFR high-visibility safety clothing, including the special collection designed specifically for women.

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