Field iD: For the efficient management of your PPE

When using Field iD with SPI Health and Safety, you can manage your equipment fleet or let our expert team manage your maintenance and certification in due course.

When you purchase your equipment from us, it is possible to have your equipment inspected on demand prior to shipping. Your inspections will be automatically recorded in the Field iD database.

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Fall protection services

Field iD

This is a monitoring system for the maintenance and inspection of your protective equipment. Field iD is known for its ease of use and reliability.

To get started with Field iD

You consult our technical services team and then pay for your subscription.

Download the application on your smartphone.

Manage the inspection and maintenance of your equipment fleet using the system’s notification.

What Field iD does for you

Field iD allows for many inspections and helps you keep your equipment updated and in good standing. The system automatically documents completed inspections and maintenance tasks and those to be done.


Increase Efficiency
Inspections and maintenance tasks are now completed more quickly and accurately. Therefore, you can implement strategies based on reliable data.

Maintain Compliance
The Field iD Safety Dashboard ensures complete visibility into your compliance requirements.

Reduce Liability
Automatic scheduling and inspection notifications guarantee that the work will be done on time.

Empower Your Workers
By choosing Field iD, you allow your employees to conduct regular inspections to confirm the equipment’s compliance and safety.

Be Centralized
You can easily access all the data in one place with the software.

Small Price, Big Advantage
For only $665 per year, you will benefit from an automated system that keeps your equipment maintained and compliant.

Who uses the software?

Vice-president, Operations
Must ensure the equipment is inspected and the occupational health and safety best practices are in place to reduce accidents.

Health and Safety Director
Needs real-time data to evaluate the safety program and equipment’s performance and compliance.

Must have an easy-to-use application to perform inspections and maintenance tasks programmed into the Field iD system.

Field iD goes wherever the work takes place

Location is not important as the Field iD system also works offline. The offline mode is accurate and allows to search in the database and find essential resources.

Mobile app

Field iD is available on IOS and Android devices. The mobile application allows to always have access to inspection and maintenance data, whether completed or to be done.

The application is also known for being intuitive and simple to use. This quick and easy access to information greatly increases the workers’ efficiency.


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