Respiratory Protection Fit Tests

Any mask that needs to be worn deserves a good fit to ensure its effectiveness. In other words, no matter what respiratory protection is needed, the fit is just as important.

Why a fit test?

The qualitative or quantitative fit test allows to:

  • Ensure that the respirator chosen offers the expected protection, i.e. that the face piece forms a tight seal with the face and is well adapted to its morphology
  • Verify that the user has the ability to put on, remove, inspect and check the seal of the mask

Qualitative adjustment test:

Taste detection by introducing aerosol under a headpiece worn by the user.

Quantitative adjustment test:

Use of an apparatus whose performance is based on the presence of particles in the air.

To what extent is the fit test necessary?

Are your workers exposed to contaminants
that can harm their respiratory tract?

All the measures of elimination or reduction of risks are insufficient to stop it (art. 45 RROHS)?

Therefore, the use of an RPE is essential and it is a priority to choose it well and to ensure its proper use.

When should the respiratory adjustment test be performed?

  • Every 2 years
  • If the model, make or size of the respirator is changed
  • Before using the mask for the first time
  • Change in facial morphology or weight
  • During or after a training

How much time to allow for a fit test?

Between 20 and 30 minutes per person and per piece of protective equipment, depending on the type of test.

Where are our fit testing services offered?

Val D’Or, QC   |   Rouyn, QC   |   Sept-Îles, QC   |   Jonquière, QC   |   Trois-Rivières, QC   |   Blainville, QC   |   Québec, QC**
Bonaventure, QC   |   Burnaby, BC   |   Saskatoon, SK*   |   Edmonton, AB   |   Thunder Bay, ON*   |   Sudbury, ON*   |   Southern Ontario


*Quantitative (N95 excluded)    |   **Quantitative offered for groups


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