Workwear that adapts to the weather

Workwear that adapts to the weather


Constant temperature changes mean you need to find the right outdoor workwear that will keep you comfortable throughout your workday.

Big Bill offers multi-layer workwear that keeps you comfortable and dry in all weather, even if the temperature changes during the day.

Are you familiar with their line of multi-layer workwear? Versatile and multipurpose, it allows you to keep warm or cool, thanks to a system that allows you to remove or add layers for your greater comfort.

The advantages of a multi-layer system

Comfort and mobility remain essential characteristics for workers who are exposed to cold and various risks. Multi-layer systems such as the one offered by Big Bill are an effective solution to discomfort and mobility issues.

Each layer is made of different materials and designed specifically for a particular environment and application.

Multi-layer systems keep you warm in freezing temperatures. Indeed, the use of several layers allows to answer different needs. The external layer must often be made of a waterproof and windproof material. The first layer, which is against the skin, must be able to stay dry to manage sweating and be insulating. The other layers must also be insulating and easy to remove.

It is important to mention that the removal of layers reduces the risk of sweating.

Big Bill clothing also protects you in the event of exposure to an electrical arc or fire, greatly reducing the risk of burns and increasing your chances of survival.

The difference of westex fabrics

Workwear that lasts for several years despite tough working conditions is possible thanks to Westex fabrics.

We all know how important it is to wear high-visibility clothing at work, but we also know that they can compromise comfort and well-being after long hours of effort.

Well, not with Big Bill and its Westex fabrics!

Because of their unique technology in the field, Westex fabrics improve your quality of work life by keeping you comfortable and dry.

Thanks to the patented tri-blend technology, you get clothing that not only stays dry but also remains fresh, regardless of conditions or weather during your efforts.

The workwear is pleasant to the touch, doesn't irritate the skin, and doesn't retain moisture. Your gear doesn't become heavy and uncomfortable when you're trying to do your job.

Moreover, it's tough. If you have Big Bill clothing, you'll have it for a long time. Westex's contribution to your gear provides it with the wear resistance that every worker dreams of. 

Undeniable benefits

Multi-layered systems, like Big Bill's, offer workers many benefits:

  • Increased mobility
  • Protection from cold, heat, and electrical arcs
  • Breathable and quick-drying materials
  • Comfortable on the skin
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Resistant to all temperatures
  • High visibility
  • Peace of mind and guaranteed compliance

A wide range of products

Big Bill offers workers a wide range of work clothing. Among them is a complete line of waterproof clothing. You can equip yourself with high visibility work clothes with reflective stripes such as pants, sweaters, overalls, coats, and more. Plus, these garments offer workers protection against electric arcs.

You can't control the whims of Mother Nature, but with Big Bill, you can make sure you're dressed appropriately to handle it. Trust a full line of workwear that's built to withstand extreme conditions and keep you safe and comfortable, no matter the weather.

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A local company

Big Bill is a brand of Codet, a fourth-generation family business established in Coaticook for nearly 75 years, whose goal is to ensure that workers can spend their workday as comfortably as possible. The company focuses on well-being and safety. They are committed to providing clothing that meets the highest standards in the industry.

Nice to know!

Big Bill has developed a patented technology of ventilated openings in fireproof mesh to ensure the comfort of its customers. This technology also optimizes worker safety.

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Big Bill workwear is proudly made in North America, with 85% of the production is made in Canada and 10% from the United States. Even the fabrics used are made right here in North America. Big Bill understands working people's realities and demonstrates this through the quality and design of its products.

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