Big Bill: Westex Fire Resistance 🔥

Big Bill: Westex Fire Resistance 🔥


Big Bill, a local company, has specialized for over 75 years in workwear, especially in flame-resistant garments. Recognized for its commitment to quality, durability, and safety, Big Bill is proud to offer products made in Quebec from top-quality fabrics and materials.

Rigorous quality control

Big Bill is committed to offering products of the highest quality. That's why the company has implemented rigorous quality control based on the ISO 9001 standard. This international standard guarantees that Big Bill products meet the strictest requirements in terms of quality, performance, and safety.

Top-quality fabrics

Big Bill uses top-quality fabrics in the manufacturing of its garments. Most of their flame-retardant products are made with Westex UltraSoft® fabric, recognized for its strength, durability, and comfort. 

Now let's discover the benefits of Westex fabrics!

A successful combination of comfort and safety thanks to a unique flame-retardant fabric

Since 1941, Westex has built a reputation for its expertise in flame-retardant fabrics. The UltraSoft® product offering blends protection and comfort for workers. Thanks to a unique composition and thoughtful engineering, garments made with this fabric meet the requirements of high-risk environments while offering a pleasant user experience.

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Unmatched comfort thanks to a clever blend

The strength of Westex UltraSoft® lies in its composition. The secret? 

A mix of 88% cotton and 12% high-tenacity nylon. Cotton, renowned for its softness and excellent breathability, provides optimum comfort against the skin. Nylon, on the other hand, offers greater resistance to abrasion, prolonging garment life.

Guaranteed fire-retardant protection for life 🔥

Westex doesn’t compromise on safety. UltraSoft® fabric is certified flame-retardant for life, whether in an environment requiring high-temperature industrial washing or domestic laundering. This makes it a wise choice for workers exposed to the risks of electric arcs, sudden fires, molten metal splashes and welding who don’t want to worry about losing the flame-retardant properties of their protective clothing.

Flame-retardant clothing: understanding flame protection

Contrary to popular belief, flame-retardant clothing does not mean that it will never burn. In fact, when exposed to flame, it can catch fire. However, the difference lies in the way the fire spreads.

The flame-retardant materials used in the manufacturing of these garments limit the spread of flames. The fire generally extinguishes itself, considerably reducing the risk of burns to the worker.

In comparison, ordinary fabric will continue to burn until it is completely destroyed, or until the fire is somehow extinguished. This prolonged process increases the risk of serious, and even deadly, injury.

For a better understanding of flame-retardant garments and associated best practices, consult this guide for the best practices in the flame-retardant workwear industry.

High visibility and extra protection

Working in low-light conditions shouldn’t mean compromising on safety. That’s why Westex offers the UltraSoft® high-visibility fabric. This unique flame-retardant fabric is ANSI 107 certified, guaranteeing excellent visibility in the darkest conditions.  

It’s also UL listed to NFPA 2112 and complies with PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) category 2 of NFPA 70E. In a nutshell, it combines outstanding protection against electric arcs, flash fires, molten metal splashes, and welding with high visibility—an essential feature in high-risk environments.

Big Bill's commitment ✅

90% of Big Bill's fire-retardant products are made in Quebec, which creates numerous advantages:

  • Reduced carbon footprint: Proximity to suppliers and customers reduces transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Use of clean electricity: Quebec has one of the cleanest electricity grids in the world, thanks to hydroelectricity.
  • Compliance with environmental standards: The imposition of the strictest environmental standards.
  • Contribution to the local economy: Manufacturing in Quebec supports local jobs and businesses.
  • Job creation: Big Bill employs over 250 people in Quebec.


Did you know that Westex is also committed to the environment? 🍃

The company wants to offer even more eco-responsible production by:

  • Reducing water and energy consumption
  • Reducing harmful emissions
  • Using ecological and sustainable fibers

To find out more about Westex’s environmental initiatives, click here.

A winning solution for companies and workers

Westex UltraSoft® is a winning choice for companies concerned about the safety of their employees and the environment. Indeed, this fabric offers reliable, long-lasting protection against environmental hazards while guaranteeing optimum comfort for its users. Workers will appreciate the garment’s softness and flexibility, which is likely to increase the rate of use and thus improve compliance with safety standards.