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Lockout Tagout (LOTO) & Hazardous energies services

Do you know which of your equipment should be padlocked? What are the right accessories for the job? What training must you provide to your people?

Improve your lockout procedures

  • Optimize your practices with our complete lockout solutions: consulting, training, software application as well as sales and rentals of specialized equipment.
  • Enhance team productivity with a lockout program adapted to your reality.
  • Reduce the risk of accidents.
  • Avoid indemnity amounts paid to an injured person.
  • Perfect your training by adapting it to the daily requirements of your teams.
  • Boost the overall satisfaction of your employees as well as their loyalty.
  • Be smart and identify the equipment requiring lockout procedures.
  • Maximize the return on your investment.
  • Ensure your work teams comply with the most recent regulations: CSA Z460 standard and OHSA requirements.
  • Be prepared to meet all internal and corporate audit requirements.

The best expert stakeholders in Canada

  • Experts entirely dedicated to lockout mandates.
  • Control of hazardous energies.
  • Expertise supported by thousands of risk assessments enabling the creation of lockout procedures. 
  • Engineering, maintenance, and health and safety specialists.
  • Outstanding customer service quality.
  • Capacity to adapt to your needs, and your organizational, cultural and operational reality.
  • "A-la-carte" services in “coaching” and/or “turnkey” methods in conjunction with the implementation strategy and the follow-up of the lockout program.
  • Take advantage of our presence on the CSA Committee, especially the reviewing committee of the Z460 standard and our recognized experience in several sectors of activity; mining and metals, construction, food industry, pharmaceutical, aeronautics, transport, public and para-public agencies, pulp and paper, chemical, manufacturing, energies, etc.

Lockout/Tag out solutions and services

  • Complete strategic and technical consulting support for the implementation of your lockout program and control of hazardous energies.
  • Identification of equipment requiring lockout procedures.
  • Inspection of your equipment according to the highest standards.
  • Risk assessment of the equipment.
  • Production of lockout procedures.
  • Recommendations of required lockout accessories.
  • We can advise your leaders on the best implementation and monitoring strategies for your lockout program to ensure a more consistent application, thus contributing to the upgrade of the old procedures used by your company.
  • Diagnosis audit of your lockout program and procedure to evaluate its flaws and deficiencies.

SPI Health and Safety provides all essential lockout training. They are customized and adapted following several approaches for steering committees, managers, employees, analysts, etc. in addition to being accredited by most major clients.

Our training is practical, customized and adapted to your reality. Each of them is given by experienced and dedicated lockout trainers. To date, we have trained thousands of people in all areas of activity.

For more information on our lockout training, click here.

SPI Health and Safety has developed a Web application for the production and management of lockout procedures.

This software is available on an annual subscription basis and can be used to generate simple and clear procedures, in compliance with current standard requirements.

With this application, you will benefit from:

  • A faster and easier access, anywhere and at any time;
  • No development expenditures;
  • No concerns relating to technologies, updates or dedicated resources;
  • Time saving and a faster execution.

Contact us for an online demonstration.

SPI Health and Safety is the largest private distributor dedicated to safety lockout products in Canada.

For all types of padlocks and accessories (keyed-alike padlock, circuit cover, valve covers, cable lockouts, etc.), you will find what you are looking for.

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