Confined Space Entry

Confined Space Entry & Rescue

Course Description and Goals

This complete confined space entry + Non – IDLH rescue training course is intended for individuals required to act as part of a confined space rescue team where entry is required to rescue an injured worker.

It includes competencies from NFPA and meets provincial requirements including ropes, hardware, knots, belaying, repelling, lowering, hauling, patient packaging, rescue pre-plans, gas monitoring, and ventilation.

A significant part of this course involves several hands-on entries into and rescues from confined spaces.

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This course is delivered to meet either federal, or provincial regulatory requirements, as well as options for MOL and ESC approved courses.

A 3-year certificate will be issued after successfully completing this course.

Course Length

24 Hours

Method of Course Delivery

The course will consist of presentations, discussions, and demonstrations as well as practical components. The training will primarily consist of hands-on learning.
Participants are expected to bring note taking materials for this portion. Equipment will be provided for the practical component.


Written test, 70% to pass. Demonstrations of physical proficiency will also be required to pass.

Topics covered

  • Hazardous location classifications 
  • Gas monitoring categories 
  • Combustible/Toxic atmospheres 
  • Sensing technology 
  • Gas detector applications 
  • Types of gas detectors 
  • Atmospheric testing 
  • Confined space program 
  • Identifying confined spaces on your job site 
  • Hazard assessments 
  • Written entry & safe work procedures 
  • Venting, purging, inerting 
  • Lockout/isolation requirements 
  • Entry permits 
  • Standby persons 
  • Rescue pre-plans 
  • Personal protective equipment 
  • Entry / Rescue equipment 
  • Life confined space entries and rescues 
  • Rescue equipment, ropes and knots 
  • Anchors and rigging 
  • Patient packaging 
  • Raising, lowering, and hauling system

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