Adflo: a versatile supplied air respirator combining safety and comfort

Adflo: a versatile supplied air respirator combining safety and comfort


For almost 13 years now, the 3MTM AdfloTM supplied air respirator is one of the most popular powered air-purifying respirators among welders. With its high-efficiency filter and organic vapour/acid gas cartridge, the AdfloTM supplied air respirator can help protect you against particulates, but also against certain gases and vapours – in a single system.

The AdfloTMpowered supplied air respirator is specifically designed to meet the particular needs of welders. Supplying continuous purified air, the AdfloTM powered air-purifying respirator provides improved protection and comfort for extended wear. The slim profile and ergonomic design make it even more lightweight and easier to go into tight welding spaces. Also, it offers the quality and features expected of a robust and easy to use supplied air respirator. The new lithium battery is 20% more lightweight, providing added comfort during long working hours.

A versatile RESPIRATORY PROTECTION system helping you save money

The interchangeable cartridges allow the replacement of particulate filters or organic vapour/acid gas cartridges when required. No need to replace the filter and cartridge at the same time. Also, the same head suspension and breathing tubes of the SG or BT Series can be used if the system must be converted to supplied air (V-199 adapter required). Simply connect the 3MTM SpeedglasTM 9100-Air, 9100FX-Air or 9100MP device and a breathing tube to 3MTM V Series control air valve and a compressed air cylinder (product sold separately). Consult the NIOSH approval label for more information.

With its new turbo kit, 3MTM now offers a special version for welders working in higher altitudes. Under these working conditions where the standard powered air-purifying respirator cannot be used properly, a special version capable of adapting to the changing air density is available: the 3MTM AdfloTM Turbo Assembly with High Altitude Compensation. Using this version, working at maximum altitudes of approximately 10,000 ft. (3,000 meters above sea level) with a high-efficiency cartridge of approximately 5 000 ft. (1,500 meters above sea level) with an organic vapour/acid gas cartridge or a nuisance odour pad is now possible.

Safety and comfort

“It’s like my own private oasis”

The new generation of supplied air respirator 3MTM AdfloTM, as well as the latest 3M innovations in masks and face shields, are specially designed to improve the comfort and protection of welders. The 3MTM SpeedglasTM 9100 Series welding helmets bring the AdfloTM powered air-purifying respirators to the next level. With side windows offering flip-up assembly, quality optics and wider viewing angle, the 3M welding masks and face shields satisfy virtually all welders’ requirements.

A constant flow of clean air

The AdfloTM powered air-purifying respirator is designed to provide a constant airflow rate of 7.2 cu.ft./min. (205 liters per minute), regardless of the battery’s charge or the particle loading of the filter.

As soon as you turn on your 3MTMAdfloTM powered supplied air respirator a display indicates the status of the filter. Green light means that the unit is working normally. Red light indicates that the filter is clogging up. As an extra security feature an audible alarm sounds when the filter is so clogged that the airflow level cannot be maintained. If this alarm is ignored the unit automatically turns off.

3MTM AdfloTM powered air-purifying respirator

adflo diagram
  1. Filter cover: holds the user-replaceable spark arrestor.
  2. Prefilter: increases the service life of the particle filter.
  3. Particle filter: high-efficiency particulate filtration.
  4. Organic vapour/acid gas cartridge: captures certain organic vapours. Sold separately. The cartridge must be used with a high-efficiency particle filter and not alone or in combination with the nuisance odour pad assembly.
  5. Li-ion battery: needs 3 hours to reach an 80% charge and is fully charged in 6.5 hours depending on its residual charge. Approximate operating time of 10 to 12 hours with a new particle filter and a new fully charged battery. Approximate operating time of 5.5 hours with an organic vapour/acid gas cartridge or a nuisance odour pad installed.
  6. Filter/battery indicator: indicates the loading status of the particle filter and the remaining battery life.
  7. Breathing tubes: suitable for all 3MTM SpeedglasTM welding helmet models.
  8. Airflow pattern: evenly distributes filtered air throughout the entire breathing zone of the helmet. The intelligent turbo unit keeps the airflow rate at a constant, preset level.
  9. Soft, flexible faceseal (removed here for clarity): the comfortable faceseal can be worn with limited facial hair and provides respiratory protection.
  10. Nuisance odour pad assembly: optional accessory which helps reduce nuisance odours*. Must be used with HE particle filter and must not be used alone or in combination with the OV/AG cartridge. Nuisance odour pad assemblies are sold separately.

* Nuisance odour refers to concentrations of organic vapors not exceeding the workplace permissible exposure limit.