4 Key Benefits of a Visual Workplace

4 Key Benefits of a Visual Workplace


What is a visual workplace? It is an environment where workers can easily identify safety signs, floor markings and other visual cues that convey essential information. This information can be understood at a glance, informing workers of potential hazards and providing them with the information they need, quickly.

Easy to understand, visual cues improve workplace safety, enhance training, and can eliminate unnecessary downtime.

When you think about it, visual devices are everywhere. On the way to work, you see speed limit signs, crosswalks or parking signs. These visual cues guide you and provide the details you need to get to your destination.

Why are visual devices so valuable? More than 50% of human brain function is devoted to the process of visual information.

Applied in the workplace, visual signs convey crucial information that can be easily understood by a multi-language team.

4 Major Benefits of a Having Safety Signals at Work

1. Safety First

Signs are beneficial for worker’s safety. They can keep them away from hazardous areas, remind them what PPE they need to wear at a specific location, and can offer insight on dangerous chemicals they could be in contact with.

2. All About Productivity

Inventory labeling and general facility identification reinforce worker’s training and guide them through completing their task without having to go look for answers. Safety signs help keep processes running smoothly, reducing business interruptions.

3. Reduce Accidents

One of the primary causes of workplace accidents is due to the lack of information or training. With safety signs in place, workers can easily refer to visual instructions and follow the procedures accordingly.

4. Easy Training

Visual cues are invaluable because it provides easy knowledge acquisition among workers. Since many of us are “visual learners”, workplace signage can play an important role in the training of your employees.

They reinforce processes, steps and best practices, and remind workers to wear their personal protective equipment (PPE).

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