Kosto Aluskin

Great New Products for Aluminum Workers!


Each industry and business sector has its own specific health and safety risks.

Aluminum workers are faced with challenges of their own and must wear the appropriate garments to avoid any hazards.

Designed with these workers in mind, the Kosto Aluskin collection makes it possible to answer the direst needs in the field.

All workers exposed to moulted metals, such as aluminum and iron, must be protected against splashes of smelted metals, welding spatters, flames and heat. In addition to offering protection, the Aluskin pants and shirts provide a category 2 protection, ATPV 12 cal/cm2, against arc flashes, in accordance with EN ISO 11612 and EN ISO 11611 Class 2, which allows workers to switch quickly from one task to another without worrying about changing.

The EN1149-5 antistatic protection adds a level of safety by preventing sparking in areas subject to a risk of explosion.

The Aluskin high-performance protection clothing offers a complete line of defence for workers on the market, with a mix of comfortable and lightweight fabric with a fitted cut.

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