Spill kits: clay sorbents or natural sorbents

Spill kits: clay sorbents or natural sorbents

5/24/2018 - SPI

Spills are virtually inevitable when working with liquids. When the spilled substances are harmful to health, controlling and preventing the spread can make a difference between life and death. Obviously, any toxic product spill that could be harmful to health and the environment should be properly contained and cleaned up using the adequate absorbent product. If your work involves handling of liquids, you must have access to a complete spill kit at all times allowing you to process these types of substances used in your workplace.

Spill kits are essential tools for anyone working with oils, acids, fuels and other liquids that could spread or leak. Among the locations and workplaces most prone to spills are warehouses, plants, refineries, garages and even hospitals. These are but a few places where potentially dangerous spills can occur.

It is important to point out that not all spill kits are the same. The sorbent used in the kits must not only be specifically designed for the spill to process, but also comply with your own corporate safety measures. For example, clay-based sorbent products usually contain silica dust, a substance that may cause many illnesses such as silicosis, an incurable lung disease leading to disability and death. Respirable crystalline silica also leads to lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and kidney diseases. Exposure of respirable crystalline silica is also linked to the development of autoimmune and cardiovascular disorders.

What is crystalline silica?

Naturally found in sand and rock, it is the most common mineral in the world. When inert, silica does not pose any health issue. However, when reduced to fine dust, it travels deep inside the lungs and may cause all kinds of breathing problems, even before symptoms appear. The dust is so fine and light, it can only be seen under a microscope. It stays in suspension in the air for a long time and sticks anywhere. Furthermore, silica can float back up if someone is walking on it or when swept up.

An alternative to clay-based sorbents

There are alternatives to clay-based sorbents on the market. They are as efficient and versatile without the risks posed by silica dust. Made of coconut husks, the SpillFix® organic sorbent instantly absorbs liquid spills and ensures cleaner, safer and quicker cleanups compared to traditional silica-based products.

What is the SpillFix ® Organic Absorbent?

According to the manufacturer, this 100% organic solution is lightweight, dust-free, non-carcinogenic and non-abrasive, specially designed to absorb liquid spills, regardless if they are hazardous or not. It is made from a by-product of coconut fiber, which is organic and renewable in a sustainable manner, and can be used safely several times. Also, it’s landfill safe without creating environmental issues.

With SpillFix, you will save on products, shipping, storage, transport and elimination, which makes this product not only more cost-effective, but also more efficient.