Winter gloves that protect you against different risks

Winter gloves that protect you against different risks

11/15/2019 - SPI

In winter, it is often difficult to find gloves that can keep hands warm while remaining efficient against different risks due to a complex work environment. The goal is to find a model that will offer both warmth and comfort without neglecting the worker’s safety. The glove SCXTAPVC with fleeced acrylic lining, part of the Superior Glove EMERALD CX® Series, provides efficient protection against cuts, abrasion as well as puncture protection, in addition to keeping hands warm in cold temperatures.

Resistance against cuts and abrasion

For some years now, gloves are rated by the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) with an A1 to A9 ranking according to their cut resistance level. Level A1 represents a resistance against paper, while level A9 is protecting against risks considered more extreme.

The glove SCXTAPVC has been designed from a combination of steel and Kevlar®, a hyper-resistant and ultra-light fiber. Combined with steel, it confers excellent cut protection to the product. In fact, the glove is ranked A5 on the ANSI scale, which means it provides high protection against cuts (between 2,200 and 3,999 grams-force).

Also, it delivers an ANSI 3 level protection against abrasion, which means it can resist a force of 1,000 rotation. Finally, the glove reaches an ANSI 2 protection level against punctures, representing a force of 20 newtons before a thin material is punctured.

Gloves keeping your hands dry and warm

Working at the mercy of the elements is a challenge in itself, especially in cold weather. Knowing that a product can protect you adequately against occupational hazards, in addition to keeping your hands warm and dry, is a great advantage for your safety, productivity and wellness at work.

These gloves keep your hands warm and dry when you are performing tasks in winter conditions. They have a soft lining made of fleece acrylic for guaranteed comfort in cold temperatures. The gloves allow you to conserve heat efficiently for temperatures down to -5°C.

The palms are coated with PVC offering excellent adherence in normal temperatures as well as in humid, cold and wet conditions.

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