The SPI experts answer your questions!

The SPI experts answer your questions!


Since June 2017, SPI produces each week an instructional video on important occupational health and safety topics. Designed to answer your OHS questions, these one-minute videos address almost every health and safety topics.

To this day, we have 21 videos published on different social media platforms; five on lockout, five on fall protection and three on confined spaces. Follow SPI Health and Safety on Facebook or LinkedIn – #LaMinuteSST – to discover the upcoming videos on various new topics such as fire prevention, electrical safety and respiratory protection.


OHS is constantly evolving. Each year, new rules, specifications and best practices are added to ensure the optimal safety of work teams. With the Safety Minute, SPI offers OHS managers and workers simple answers to their questions as well as tools and best practices that can be applied to their daily work.

Each quarter, specialists are meeting to discuss the latest OHS news and trends. Throughout these discussions, experts compile and select the most frequent questions asked during training sessions, webinars and other conferences. The twelve most relevant topics are selected and answered on camera by our experts. The conversational style and spontaneous answers provide a genuine interaction setting for our specialists, as if you were with them in the room.  


The Safety Minute allows you to ask your questions on a particular subject to an expert in the field. Don’t hesitate! The SPI experts are ready to answer them. Your question may be answered directly in the comments or be the main topic of a future Safety Minute. Don’t miss our next Safety Minute; follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as on Twitter or our SPI Youtube channel! To view all our videos, check out our “Safety Minute” playlist on Youtube.

View our Safety Minute playlist here!