Flashtrap: A Big Bill Patented Technology

Flashtrap: A Big Bill Patented Technology


After listening to their customers’ needs, BIG BILL saw an opportunity to strengthen its flame-resistant garments to ensure wearers’ comfort and safety.

The ventilated traps made of fire-resistant mesh is an innovation that allows flame-resistant workwear users to maintain protection, ensure compliance with industry standards, and be comfortable with the help of a ventilation system inside the garment.

What is Flashtrap?

The BIG BILL® Flashtrap Vented Coverall is the latest improvement to enhance wearer comfort without sacrificing protection for both flash fire and arc flash exposures.

Workers who don FR garments know that they aren’t exactly the most comfortable thing to wear. They get hot quite quickly, and that’s why Flashtrap is an excellent solution.

Flashtrap is a technology that consists of ventilated openings made of a specific material that protects you in the event of an arc flash incident.

Improve workers’ comfort without sacrificing protection

Certified comfort: Adding traps made of FR modacrylic mesh ensures all-day comfort in any temperature or work conditions without sacrificing safety. The design allows cool air in, pushing hot air out, creating a ventilation system within your coverall.

You’ll find back knee vented traps, located on the back of both knees, and upper and lower back vented traps along both sides at the back.

Ensured protection: the design of the ventilated openings is made to prevent skin exposure to arc flashes and automatically close in the event of an arc flash explosion or any flash fire exposure.

The FR mesh is located in-between the folded double layer of fire-resistant fabric used to create the traps. This means no debris can ever enter the coverall and ensures extra protection.

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