Tyvek, a Material with Endless Possibilities

Tyvek, a Material with Endless Possibilities


Designed and developed by DuPont, Tyvek is a bonded material that is produced from high-density polyethylene fibers. It is a bonded material made from high-density polyethylene fibers. The fibers are compressed by a thermal process. This results in a more resistant product than paper, and a more affordable and versatile solution than fabric.

Even if it looks and feels like paper, Tyvek has special properties that make this material unique. Light, more flexible than paper, practically tear-resistant, resistant to water, most solvents, acids and bases, it is also non-toxic and can be recycled.


Tyvek is used in many fields, including safety, but also as an air barrier in the construction industry, product packaging and even in banknote manufacture.

Undeniable Advantages

With Tyvek, DuPont has taken the field of protection and safety to a whole new level. Click here to learn more about Dupont.

LIGHTWEIGHT: This material is incredibly light and flexible. When used as protective clothing, it is very comfortable and not bulky.

SIMILAR TO PAPER: Tyvek looks like paper, but is much stronger. The product combines the performance of paper, film and fabric, making it ideal for many types of applications.

WATER RESISTANT: When wet, paper absorbs moisture and crumbles. Tyvek, on the other hand, repels water. It has excellent rot and mildew resistance and resists soiling and staining.

BREATHABLE: Tyvek is a waterproof and breathable membrane that allows moisture, water vapor and sweat to escape.

RECYCABLE: Made of high-density polyethylene fibers (HDPE), Tyvek is 100% recyclable, just like plastic bottles.

Durability and Resistance

This product is designed to perform well in difficult, robust and extreme conditions. Ideal for applications where durability and resistance are of primary importance, Tyvek can withstand tears, punctures, abrasion, but also rough handling during bending and repeated flexing, all without being damaged.

It’s resistant to water, heat, cold, UV and chemicals. Tyvek is unaffected by most acids, bases and salts. Even if it’s not fire-resistant, Tyvek can withstand temperatures ranging from -70°C to 118°C.

The ideal personal protective equipment

At SPI, safety is our top priority and we are proud to offer protective clothing made from Tyvek, such as boot covers and protective pants and shirts. Comfortable and durable, they provide a protective barrier against paint, lead, asbestos, mold, anthrax, avian influenza and other threats or chemical hazards. The suits are tested against hundreds of chemicals to give you the protection you need.

Tyvek products are also ideal for clean rooms, laboratories, the pharmaceutical industry and hazardous environments. They offer you better protection against contamination.

No one should have to take their work home, especially those in dangerous jobs with contamination risks. Whatever your occupation, enjoy the durability, comfort and protection you need to tackle the toughest jobs with confidence.

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