The Capital Safety Nano-Lok edge revolution

The Capital Safety Nano-Lok edge revolution

9/29/2015 - SPI

Capital Safety raises the bar in fall protection with the Nano-Lok edge, a twin-leg self-retracting lifeline with quick connector. Specially designed to provide an anchor at foot level and be applied to sharp edge environments, this ingenious device supports safe working at heights.

5 mm diameter galvanized lifeline; resistant and flexible

  • Provides a working length of 2.4 m (8 feet).

Ergonomic design, strong, compact and lightweight

  • The backpack-style energy absorber disperses the weight uniformly on the shock absorbing lanyard and reduces the impact on the body in the case of a fall.

Choose between a single cable unit and integral fixation

  • Easy to install for a direct connection on most security harnesses.

Meets the most stringent safety standards

  • The Nano-LokMC edge offers important safety improvements.
  • It locks quickly, stopping a fall only within a few centimeters, thus providing superior protection at low heights. The lifeline always stays tight, reducing the risks of displacement, hanging or tripping.

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