Hold on to innovation with MSA

Hold on to innovation with MSA


Safety at heights on construction sites is a long-standing OHS issue that continues to concern companies. Fortunately, more and more equipment and accessories are being developed every year to keep your workers safe, even when they are in the air.

When it comes to innovation in height safety, MSA is never far away. The company makes it a point of honour to always surpass industry standards in the performance of its fall protection equipment.

Most recently, MSA developed the temporary horizontal lifeline to simplify the installation of safe spaces and maintain worker safety. This innovative solution combines convenience, speed and compatibility with MSA braces.

What is different about this solution?

The MSA temporary horizontal lifeline features an intuitive, tool-free installation. With an integrated locking and tensioning mechanism on the handle, there is no need to use nuts, bolts or wrenches. The result is an installation that is 75% faster than traditional systems. Save time and increase productivity right from the start.

The lightweight, flexible galvanized cable makes installation much more manageable. In addition, the locking and tensioning mechanisms located on the same side of the line eliminate back-and-forth movement during installation. This way, the temporary horizontal lifeline can be tensioned easily and efficiently. Your crew can work safely without compromising productivity.

Compatible with MSA braces

The MSA Temporary Horizontal lifeline is designed to be fully compatible with MSA steel and concrete braces. This compatibility ensures a seamless integration of safety elements at height. Using MSA products together creates a safe working environment without compromise.

A major issue

Statistics show that fall-related accidents are among the most common causes of severe injury and death. Why do they remain so high on this tragic list? Inadequate, worn or missing equipment? Lack of training? Lack of attention while working?

There are many reasons for the number of accidents at heights that occur each year on construction sites across the country.

By investing in effective safety solutions, such as MSA temporary horizontal lifeline, you can significantly reduce the risk of accidents and protect the lives of your workers.

The MSA temporary horizontal lifeline is more than just a safety rope. Its quick, tool-free installation, ease of use and compatibility with MSA braces make it a smart choice for ensuring safety at heights on job sites. 

By protecting your workers, you improve efficiency and reduce fall-related accidents. Remember, a well-equipped and trained worker is much less likely to fall.

Choose the MSA temporary horizontal lifeline for optimal safety at height.