Discover the ROYER AGILITY Work Boot Platform

Discover the ROYER AGILITY Work Boot Platform


With its unique Canadian expertise and partnerships based on know-how and excellence, ROYER sets itself apart with the development of its AGILITYTM platform. Found out about the differentiating elements of the work boots and their unique impact on the workers’ lives.

What is ROYER? What is your primary expertise?

ROYER® is a Canadian manufacturer of safety boots and footwear located in Lac-Drolet, Quebec. Founded in 1934 by Louis-Philippe ROYER, the company has more than 140 employees divided between the Lac-Drolet factory and the Innovation Center in Sherbrooke.

The company stands out in terms of state-of-the-art expertise in product development and the capacity of producing customized models meeting the needs of different industries. Our Lac-Drolet factory is one of the only CSA-certified laboratories in Canada and ensures that the products manufactured comply with the highest quality standards.

ROYER® operates under three business models: importation, hybrid and domestic. 17% of our models are designed by our Canadian team here, but are entirely manufactured internationally to remain competitive in certain market shares. 26% of our products are hybrids, meaning that the boot upper is designed by our product development team, but comes from Asia and is assembled here in Canada. Finally, 59%, which is most of our products, is done entirely by our seamstresses, tailors and assemblers at Lac-Drolet. This represents more than 139 models.

Following a strong growth, our company will be opening a second factory in fall 2019. This second location will be in Sherbrooke and will house the Centre d’innovation Louis-Philippe ROYER, presently in downtown Sherbrooke. This factory will mostly assemble hybrid products, which is the manufacturing and assembling of rubber outsoles on our products using a direct injection process. This will allow us to widen our hybrid product offering to further develop our flagship collection: AGILITYTM.

For what purpose was the AGILITYTM collection developed?

In 2015, ROYER® won a major military contract from the Canadian Armed Forced due to its AGILITYTM platform. This specifically designed land operation boot performed on all the tests required for the CAF tendering process as well during the field trial phase. The AGILITYTM boot has set itself apart with its impressive lightness and undeniable comfort.

Having developed a technology allowing us to manufacture ultralight and comfortable products, we thought it was imperative to offer this innovation to the general public. Therefore, in 2017, we launched the AGILITYTM collection. It has evolved greatly since the initial launch and is now offering many products adapted to meet individual needs. Also, the feedback from users was taken into account and the products were improved over time to ensure the highest performance possible.

What are the key features of the AGILITYTM platform?

Several features distinguish the AGILITYTM collection from the competition, especially its lightness. AGILITYTM boots are almost 25% lighter than comparable products on the market. For example, a size 8 only weighs 750 grams! The secret behind this is found in the direct injected moulded outsole combined with a metal-free design.

Apart from lightness, the AGILITYTM boot offers athletic adjustment and immediate comfort. When putting on the boot, the wow factor is instantaneous, and at the end of the workday, the user is not feeling fatigued from wearing heavy boots all day long. No need for an adaptation period or “breaking” the boots the first few days which is a definite advantage!

The great AGILITYTM family is becoming increasingly varied. It is divided into subcollections such as women’s models and ARCTIC GRIP products. There is something for each user and everyone can use this revolutionary platform.

What are the different technologies used in the AGILITYTM collection?

At ROYER®, we love teaming up with renowned partners to ensure the quality of our products. The products of the AGILITYTM platform are no exception and benefit from several technologies to make them even more effective.

The products of the AGILITYTM collection are offered with uppers of 6 or 8 inches according to the models, with or without waterproof membranes. A model with the REALFLEXTM external metatarsal protector is available for trades requiring this type of protection, as well as a model with a zipper on the side for an easier and quicker way to put on your boots. The AGILITYTM women’s line offers a product with a waterproof membrane while competitors do not.

One of the most important associations with our AGILITYTM collection is undoubtedly our partnership with VIBRAM® to create AGILITYTM ARCTIC GRIPTM. This combines the comfort and lightness of the AGILITYTM platform with the technology of the ARCTIC GRIPTM innovative outsole which adheres wet ice. It is the most advanced concept for cold weather outsole ever created by VIBRAM®. This technology can be added to most AGILITYTM models and is even available in one model of the AGILITYTM women’s collection. Whether it is paired up with THINSULATETM insulation or not (depending on the model), the VIBRAM® ARCTIC GRIPTM outsole allows the user to face winter safely.

All the products of the AGILITYTM family are assembled in Canada, to ensure robust and durable products, especially with a direct-injected polyurethane midsole. They also benefit from the revolutionary comfort of the R-LITETM footbed developed by ROYER®.

These are all features unique to the AGILITY™ line that earns these safety boots their reputation.