Risk assessment and confined space rescue plan procedures

Risk assessment and confined space rescue plan procedures


Agri-food companies must often deal with confined spaces. One of these companies asked for our help to ensure maximum safety for its employees by structuring the steps to follow as effectively as possible.

SPI confined space experts at your service

“For us, the path to follow was simple. We started from the beginning,” outlines Fabien Demers, Senior Advisor and Trainer, SPI Consulting Services.

“We have respected each step, he said. To start, the confined space risk assessment of each space identified and the development of rescue procedures provided a better understanding of the extent of the problem. It allowed us to produce documents required by different regulations, which are applicable and efficient. Then, we have developed a management program for confined spaces that now serves as a guideline.”

Comprehensive confined space training using a simulator

Each stakeholder received a complete and detailed training. Entrants, supervisors, license issuers and contaminant samplers all learned how to act in a safe and effective manner.

SPI provides the ideal tool for developing these trainings. “Our confined space training simulator was used, adds Fabien Demers. It was greatly appreciated by all participants as it replicates the reality of confined space work.”

Moreover, this learning tool continues as SPI has established a continuous training process for new employees.

Conduct confined space rescues on our own

Unfortunately, the local fire service department did not offer confined space rescue, as in many municipalities.

Therefore, SPI proposed to train a group of volunteers from the company, using the simulator. Practical training assessed the level of skill and efficiency of this future rescue team.

Fabien Demers tells us that “during training, we could test certain rescue procedures in the confined spaces of the organization. It allowed us to properly guide the participants, especially in highly complex confined spaces. I believe that it was the most-complicated rescue situation I have come across in nearly 20 years of experience.”

The future rescuers succeeded with flying colours in rescuing a person while applying the knowledge acquired during training and following directions carefully. From now on, they will be able to use this expertise to rescue their colleagues.

Establish confined space procedures adapted to specific situations

Confined space management is not necessarily performed the same way all year long. For example, issues are different in production periods. To facilitate the adaptation, SPI developed, in collaboration with the Maintenance Director, a special work procedure to better manage risks during exceptional situations.

Our strength is teamwork

This mandate required teamwork. In addition to the expertise of our Confined Space Experts, SPI could count on the commitment of our specialized products and services staff to offer cutting-edge equipment and engineering services for an anchorage installation.

If you must implement an integrated confined space program, or you face a specific situation that needs to be addressed, contact SPI.