3M™ Peltor Polycarbonate MultiVisor System

YVI802 MFG #: 7000103817
$30.98 /
  • Brand: 3M Canada
  • Discontinued: No
  • In Stock Program: Yes
  • Manufacturer (Supplier): 3M CANADA COMPANY
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Model Number Color: YVI802
  • Order as needed (OAN): No
  • Product Type: Visors
  • Safety standards/Class: ANSI Z87.1, CSA Z94.3
  • Sub-brand: Peltor
This lightweight polycarbonate face shield system helps provide reliable face protection from splash, other particles, and debris. Good for medical, non-hazardous chemical handling.
Its specially designed peak helps protect the eyes from glare and reflection.
High heat tolerance to protect you in a hazardous environment.
A single adjustment system allows you to easily fit the face shield into a lowered or raised position.