Eye and Face Protection


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ysc012 3m™ cap mount hat headgear 7000002291

3M™ Cap Mount Hat Headgear

SPI Code:YSC012MANUFACTURER #:7000002291
ygo053 3m centurion splash safety goggle with anti-fog coating 7000002377

3M™ Centurion Splash Safety Goggle with Anti-Fog Coating

SPI Code:YGO053MANUFACTURER #:7000002377
Anti-UV protection (%):99.9
Applications:Maintenance, Painting
Brand:3M Canada
ygo107 3m gogglegear splash goggle with scotchgard anti-fog lens 7100079187

3M™ GoggleGear Splash Goggle with Scotchgard Anti-Fog Lens

SPI Code:YGO107MANUFACTURER #:7100079187
Anti-UV protection (%):99.9
Applications:General use
Brand:3M Canada
ylu217 3m™ ox safety eyewear, secure grip, dx anti-fog, anti-scratch and uv coating 7000002373

3M™ OX Safety Eyewear, secure grip, DX Anti-fog, Anti-scratch and UV Coating

SPI Code:YLU217MANUFACTURER #:7000002373
Brand:3M Canada
Lens coating:Anti-fog, Anti-UV, Anti-scratch
tto202 3m peltor gr2f molten metal shield 7000137976

3M™ Peltor GR2F Molten Metal Shield

SPI Code:TTO202MANUFACTURER #:7000137976
Brand:3M Canada
yvi802 3m peltor polycarbonate multivisor system 7000103817

3M™ Peltor Polycarbonate MultiVisor System

SPI Code:YVI802MANUFACTURER #:7000103817
Brand:3M Canada
Safety standards/Class:ANSI Z87.1, CSA Z94.3
yvi013 3m peltor polycarbonate protection faceshield 7000103812

3M™ Peltor Polycarbonate Protection Faceshield

SPI Code:YVI18
Applications:General use, Maintenance, Painting
Brand:3M Canada
Dimension (in):7,875 x 11,8
yviz30 3m™ peltor™ polycarbonate anti-static visor 7000104031

3M™ Peltor™ Polycarbonate Anti-Static Visor

SPI Code:YVIZ30MANUFACTURER #:7000104031
Brand:3M Canada
Lens coating:Antistatic, Anti-scratch
Safety standards/Class:ANSI Z87.1
yvi078 3m polycarbonate face shield, molded 7000002340

3M™ Polycarbonate Face Shield, Molded

SPI Code:YVI078MANUFACTURER #:7000002340
yvi012 3m™ polycarbonate faceshield, molded 7000002339

3M™ Polycarbonate Faceshield, Molded

SPI Code:YVI012MANUFACTURER #:7000002339
Dimension (in):9 x 14,5 x 0,08
Thickness (mil):0.08
yluz7 3m privo safety glasses with anti-fog coating

3M™ Privo Safety Glasses with Anti-Fog Coating

Anti-UV protection (%):99.9
Brand:3M Canada
Frame style:Half-frame
yst012 3m™ ratchet headgear 7000002290

3M™ Ratchet Headgear

SPI Code:YST012MANUFACTURER #:7000002290