Selecting quality respiratory protection devices is essential to ensure safety and comfort. SPI offers disposable and reusable masks and all their accessories, such as filters or cartridges. Our specialized team takes care of the training, maintenance, inspection and certification of your respiratory equipment.



The selection of a quality respirator is essential to ensure safety and comfort. SPI offers disposable and reusable masks as well as all their accessories, such as filters and cartridges. Our specialized team takes care of the training, maintenance, inspection and certification of your respiratory equipment.

Disposable Masks

Our large selection of reusable masks is perfect for protection in the medical field or any other sector where a large number of particles can be found in the air. You can find the famous N95 and several models with or without a valve. Their comfort and ability to adapt to the shape of the face will allow you to keep your mask on for long periods without getting tired.

Reusable Masks

Need effective and comfortable respiratory protection? Take a look at our full-face and reusable masks, and you're sure to find something to meet your safety needs. Accessories and cartridges/filters are available to accompany your mask to create a real barrier against harmful airborne particles.

Full-Mask Respirators

The full-face masks are made to offer you optimal visibility and durability. Comfort and protection are provided by quality respirators and supports that reduce the intensity of pressure points on your head and face. The large visors allow you to keep a clear and safe peripheral vision. Many models have anti-fogging technologies integrated into the mask.

Half-Mask Respirators

Our vast inventory of half-masks will meet your respiratory protection needs. Our different models can meet many specific protection needs and can be adapted to your face morphology. Most of our half-masks are made with components promoting user comfort. Trust major brands like 3M, Dräger and MSA for your respiratory protection.

Cartridges and Filters

Cartridges and filters are necessary accessories to complete your respiratory protection. These filters and cartridges act as protectors against gases, vapors and many other particles that are harmful to you. They filter the air so that you can breathe freely and safely. According to your reusable mask model and your protection needs, you will find the right product for you.


SPI's many reusable mask accessories are perfect for completing your respiratory protection. You will find replacement products for your comfort and other items to improve overall safety.

Supplied-air respiratory systems

Working with little or no air increases risks in your work environment. Big breaths of fresh air aren’t just found in the countryside. Your equipment can provide everything you need! Find your supplied-air respiratory system today!


What’s the point of having top-of-the-line respiratory equipment if you can’t keep the air in your gear? With the right hoods and helmets, you’ll get all the air you need at work.

Breathing tube and adapter

Getting air into your equipment is important, but ensuring a proper supply is just as essential. Avoid leaks and contamination with customized tubing and adapters designed for your respiratory systems at work.

Power source

Your comfort is just as important when working long hours. That’s why equipping yourself with power sources that can regulate the temperature and airflow in your equipment allows you to stay focused and safe all day.

Complete kit

Need a new supplied-air respiratory system for your workplace? It’s easy with our complete kits tailored to your work environment—everything you need for your air-purifying respiratory system in one product.


Broken adaptor, filter to change or worn-out hood? Any reason to change some of the accessories on your supplied-air breathing system? There’s no need to buy everything again when you can simply change the parts that need to be replaced.

Compressed air hoses

A supplied-air breathing system is a huge advantage when air sources can be toxic. However, compressed air is still a risk to your health if it is not delivered properly to your equipment. Compressed air hoses are designed to keep the air pressure at the right volume and bring you all the oxygen you need in record time.

Powered Air-Purifying Respiratory System

Powered air-purifying respiratory systems comprise many products, such as helmets, filters, motors and hoses. To avoid buying your system separately, get a complete, ready-to-use kit. This type of respiratory protection is very effective and allows you to work without being burdened or restricted in your movements.

Hoods and Helmets

Our hoods and helmets for powered air-purifying respiratory systems offer you optimal protection against harmful airborne particles. Helmets usually include a visor and a face seal to ensure your protection. Also, hoods and helmets protect your eyes, neck and head.

Cartridges and Filters

Our air-purifying respiratory protection offering includes filters and cartridges that effectively filter particles from the environment. They clean the air before it enters the helmet. These products provide excellent protection against organic vapors, acid gases, hydrogen fluoride and sulfur dioxide.

Breathing Tubes and Adapters

The hoses and adapters are made of quality materials to withstand the most rigorous applications. The hose connects the helmet to the air propulsion system (the motor) and delivers the air to the user. The adapters allow for easy connection of the helmet to the hose.

Complete Kits

Complete powered air-purifying respiratory system kits provide a ready-to-use package. A complete kit typically includes a powered air respirator (blower), hose and face piece. The kit makes it easy to assemble an efficient, lightweight and very comfortable powered-air respiratory system. Our different kits are suitable for many industries and applications, such as welding, grinding, chemical handling, aluminum smelters, maintenance and industrial environments.


Our range of accessories for powered-air respiratory systems allows you to add protection to your equipment or replace original parts. Several belts, chargers and replacement parts are offered in this category.

Compressed Air Hoses

Compressed air hoses are made of durable materials to ensure product effectiveness. The hose delivers compressed air to the mask to provide air to the user.

Self-contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)

The self-contained breathing apparatus is perfect for providing air to the user while being free to move around. These devices are made of lightweight and flexible materials to allow you to do your work as you see fit. You will find several types of compressed air cylinders, harnesses for support and accessories for SCBA.

Emergency Escape Respirators

In this section, you will find several evacuation hoods and respirators that will be useful in case of gas or chemical leaks and emergency evacuations. They are quick and easy to put on to facilitate your evacuation. These respirators protect against many gases and vapors by using highly efficient filters.

Cleaners and Disinfectants for Respirators

Several cleaners and disinfectants are available to keep your respirators in good working condition. These products are ideal for cleaning respirators without damaging the materials of the mask. In addition, they remove body oils and sweat from the respirator. These cleaners are available in the form of wipes, gels and pads.

Qualitative Fit Test Kits

Qualitative fit testing has never been easier than with our complete kits and accessories. You can test the effectiveness of your employees' respiratory protection yourself, time after time. It's a simple and economical solution for you and your team.

Complete Kits

Complete kits and hoods are available for qualitative fit testing for you and your team. These products can be used to check the seal between the face and the respirator for particulates, gases or vapors.


In this section, you can find solutions and other useful accessories to perform your qualitative fit tests.