HexArmor 9'' High Visibility Cut-Resistant Work Sleeve

$85.98 /
  • Brand: Hex Armor
  • Puncture resistant: EN 388 Level 2, ANSI 3
  • Product Type: Cut-resistant
  • Safety standards: EN 388:2003
  • Abrasion resistant: EN 388 Level 4
  • Tear resistant: EN 388 Level 4
  • Cut resistant ISO 13997: EN 388 Level F
  • Cut resistant: ANSI Level A7
Protect your arms against snags, punctures, abrasions, and cuts. This protective sleeve is made with SuperFabric® brand material to provide one of the highest cut-resistance available on the market.

This work sleeve provides industrial puncture protection from wires, metal, wood, and glass over the entire forearm. It won’t fall down like knit sleeves and is lightweight and cooler than knit or leather alternatives. 9'' long and launderable.