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Coated Gloves

Hardworking hands need reliable protection, and our selection of coated gloves does just that. Comfortable and dexterous, they’ll protect your hands from hazards and provide good tactile sensitivity.

Find the right fit for your needs. Browse gloves coated with nitrile, nitrile foam, PU, or PVC to keep your hands protected. Shop our selection of gloves from trusted brands like Ansell, Showa, and Superior Glove.

Leather Gloves

Protecting your hands is a priority when handling sharp objects and working with hot elements. Leather work gloves will protect your hands even in the most challenging conditions, while still allowing you to maintain a strong grip on anything. Sturdy, leather is a great material to wear outside and inside. Shop our selection of Superior Glove, Bob Dale Glove, and Kosto leather gloves today!

Cut-Resistant Gloves

If you are working with sharp objects, like cutting wires or handling metal sheets, the last thing you want is to get injured. Fortunately, cut-resistant gloves can protect your hands and fingers from lacerations, cuts, and punctures. They are specially designed with materials such as Goatskin leatherNylon, or Kevlar, which gives them excellent resistance against cuts and abrasions. Just find the size that's comfortable for you and get ready to go!

Impact Resistant Gloves

Whether you work in the oil and gas, warehousing, agriculture, or automotive industries, impact gloves are essential for your hands' safety.

Workers need to use lots of different industrial tools and machines at once without worrying about sprains, numbness, or long-term nerve damage. Shop our selection of impact-resistant work gloves designed to protect your hands from the high impact that can occur when using mud hoses, hammers, shovels, and other tools.

Welder's Gloves

Welding is typically a risky task and wearing welding gloves comes in handy in protecting both the wrist and the hands. Besides protecting welders against electrical shock, flames, and hot parts, they also provide an improved grip and abrasion resistance. Browsed our large selection of welding work gloves, designed with welder’s needs in mind.