Kosto: The Ultimate Fall Protection Equipment

When working at heights, it's important to leave nothing to chance and Kosto makes sure that you always have state-of-the-art equipment.

Did you know that almost one-third of all workplace accidents are caused by falls from heights every year? Whether it is from the top of a ladder, a platform, or a machine, working at height always involves a range of risks that you must be prepared for.

Choosing the right fall protective equipment

After assessing your environment, choosing the right protective equipment is a key aspect of workers’ safety at heights. Whether it's personal protective equipment or structures that comply with current legislation, you need to know how to equip yourself properly.

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Our Kosto brand offers you a wide range of top-quality products and good recommendations to ensure that your workers return home safe and sound every night.

Our recommendations

Kosto Construction Harness, 3 Rings, Class AP

This high-quality harness is designed to provide maximum comfort and protection for workers in a variety of industries.

  • SPI product number: CHK014
  • Class A, P
  • Galvanized steel D-ring
  • PVC X-shaped design
  • Impact indicator
  • 6 adjustment points

Kosto XPRO Construction Harness, Five Rings, Class AEP

This harness is constructed from robust materials, including 100% polyester webbing for chemical resistance and galvanized steel components. High-visibility silver stripes ensure that the user is always visible, enhancing safety while on the job.

  • SPI product number: CHK214
  • AEP class
  • 6 adjustment points
  • Galvanized steel D-ring
  • Weight capacity: 160kg (352lbs)
  • Removable padding on legs, hips and shoulder

Kosto Twin-Leg Lanyard with Pack-Style Energy Absorber, Class B and Y

This double safety lanyard from Kosto is made of polyester and measures 1.2 metres in length. It features two double-lock zinc-plated steel carabiners, a “Pack”-style energy absorber and two 2.2” self-locking galvanized steel scaffolding hooks.

  • SPI product number: CCK440
  • Class B and Y
  • Maximum stopping force: 408 kg (900 lb)
  • Worker weight with tools: 60kg (130lb) - 140 kg (310 lb)
  • Maximum fall distance: 1.8m (6')
  • Maximum deployment: 1.2m (4')
  • CSA Z259.11-17 and ANSI Z359.13 compliant

Kosto Trauma Straps for Safety Harness

Specially designed to prevent suspension trauma (orthostatic intolerance) in the event of a fall. These safety straps enable suspended workers to stand up after a fall and maintain an upright position, relieving pressure on the legs while waiting for help.

  • SPI product number: CSK001
  • Maximum weight of 190 kg (420 lb)
  • Multiple adjustments for comfort
  • Attaches to most harnesses

Kosto Self Retracting Lifeline

Discover the 11-foot Automatic Fall Arrester, a safety device meticulously designed to mitigate the risk of serious injury caused by accidental swings or falls.

  • SPI product number: CDK005
  • Class B
  • Heavy-duty nylon straps
  • Average holding force of 408 kg (900 lb)
  • CSA Z259.11-17 Class B certified

Kosto Fall Protection Roofer's Kit

The Kosto Roofer's Kit includes all the safety equipment needed for almost any roofing job, to help prevent accidental falls.

 The kit includes a harness approved to CSA Z259.10, Class A and ANSI Z359.1, guaranteeing optimum protection when working at height. The 2' safety slide is equipped with an energy absorber, providing additional safety in the event of a fall.

  • SPI product number: CRK005
  • Class A
  • Includes :
    • Kosto CHK101 Class A harness 
    • Reusable anchor CAK005 
    • Vertical lifeline CCK350
    • Slide with Safety Lanyard CAK316
  • CSA Z259.10 and ANSI Z359.1 compliant
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