Low Profile P100 Filter for MSA Masks, 2/pkg

PYR815369 MFG #: 815369 Q26004300
$17.98 /
  • Brand: Msa Canada
  • Delta Last Modified: 5/18/2022 6:08:00 PM
  • Editor Enrichment Status: Not Started
  • Enrichment Status: New
  • Manufacturer (Supplier): MINE SAFETY APPLIANCES Co., LL
  • Model Number Color: PYR815369
  • Safety standards/Class: NIOSH
  • Filter/Cartridge Type: P100
Every XCell Sensor is built by MSA with a proprietary embedded ASIC microchip that drives the sensor and converts its output to a digital
signal. This microchip is much more than a digital sensor; XCell Sensors perform real-time environmental corrections, provide plug-and-play
capabilities and deliver greater RF immunity with higher overall performance