Kosto 14” Chemical-Resistant PVC Coated Work Gloves

$7.98 /
  • Abrasion resistant: EN 388 Level 4
  • Brand: Kosto
  • Coated: Yes
  • Cut resistant: EN 388 Level 1
  • Lined: Yes
  • Lining material: Cotton
  • Puncture resistant: EN 388 Level 1
  • Shell Material: PVC
  • Tear resistant: EN 388 Level 2
  • Water resistant: Yes
These Kosto work gloves are fully covered with a PVC coating which provides excellent ultra-resistant protection and good flexibility. They offer great resistance to oil and many chemicals to protect your hands and keep them dry, whatever the task at hand. The rough finish also allows for a better grip, perfect for handling objects in humid environments.