Tilsatec Cut-Resistant Leather Drivers Gloves with Electric Arc Protection

$18.98 /
  • Abrasion resistant: EN 388 Level 4
  • Applications: General use, Maintenance, Metal fabrication
  • ATPV (cal/cm²): 37.5
  • Brand: Tilsatec
  • Cut resistant: ANSI Level A6, EN 388 Level 5
  • Heat resistant: Fire properties of material EN 407 Level 1
  • Industry: Construction, Manufacturing, Oil and gas, Transport and warehousing
  • Material details: Glove Base : Rhino Yarn ®
  • Product Type: Arc flash protection, Cut-resistant
  • Protection Type: Cut resistance, Abrasion resistance, Puncture resistance, Resistance to contact heat
  • Puncture resistant: EN 388 Level 3, ANSI 4
  • Safety standards: ANSI/ISEA105:2016
  • Shell Material: Goatskin leather
  • Tear resistant: EN 388 Level 4
The TTP203 Rhino Lite™ safety gloves epitomize the fusion of protection and functionality. Crafted with a full-grain goatskin leather outer, these gloves offer a seamless blend of durability and comfort. The interior boasts a medium-weight seamless knit liner, ensuring a snug fit and enhanced tactile sensitivity.

Key Features
ANSI 105: 2016 A6 and ISO 13997 level 4 cut resistance.
Electric arc resistance with an ATPV of 37.5 cal/cm².
RhinoYarn® technology for superior cut protection.
Full-grain goatskin leather for optimal grip and longevity.

Intended Use

These gloves are tailored for sectors like assembly, automotive, metal fabrication, construction, and petrochemical industries, where precision and safety are paramount.

Product Specifications

Material: Full-grain goatskin leather, RhinoYarn®
Cut Resistance: ANSI A6, ISO 13997 level 4
Puncture Resistance: ANSI level 4
Arc Resistance: ATPV 37.5 cal/cm²

Certifications and Standards

ANSI 105: 2016 A6
ANSI level 4 puncture resistance
EN407 level 1