Prevention and Safety Essentials

Find out the equipment you need to help prevent accidents: sign and label printers as well as various spill kits.

Brady printers: setting the new standard in safety and facility identification

Brady offers a range of label printers with unprecedented versatility and capabilities. Fast and easy to use, these high-performance printers will allow you to keep your workplace as safe as possible.

BBP37 Colour and cut sign and label printer


  • Multicolour print capabilities make it ideal for creating impactful safety signs and labels
  • Built-in XY-cutter allows for the creation of die-cut shapes allows you to choose where to place labels
  • Fast print speeds up to 5 inches per second
  • Prints on a variety of material options so you can create signs and labels for a variety of applications
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i3300 Industrial Label Printer


  • Create custom labels in a fast and efficient way
  • Mid-volume industrial label printer can print on more than 14 safety and facility ID materials
  • Label rolls and ribbons snap into place in 20 seconds
  • Print smart technology allows printing on the first label – even small labels
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BMP71 Label Printer


  • Portable sign and label printer
  • Most versatile labeler for on-the-job printing
  • Prints on more than 1,000 label parts, has a convenient carrying handle and a rechargeable battery
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Accidents happen. Be ready.

Brady also offers intervention kits that will provide you with everything you need to clean up accidents when they happen.

Universal Spill Kit Economy


  • All-purpose absorbents for oil-based, water-based and chemical liquids
  • Highly visible yellow PVC bag
  • Absorption capacity of 30 L
  • Includes 10 pads, 2 socks, 1 disposable bag, 1 pair of nitrile gloves, 1 instruction sheet
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Water-repellent absorbents for oil and petroleum-based liquids


  • Highly visible yellow nylon bag with compartments
  • Absorption capacity of 30 L
  • Includes 20 pads, 2 socks, 1 epoxy paste, 2 disposable bags, 1 bag of peat moss, 1 disposable mask, 1 pair of nitrile gloves
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