3M™ Secure Click™ Organic Vapour/Acid Gas Cartridges with Dual Flow

RCA094 MFG #: 7100153220
$25.98 /
  • Applications: Aluminum smelter, Laboratories, Painting
  • Brand: 3M Canada
  • Certified: NIOSH
  • Discontinued: No
  • Filter protection: Acid gases, Organic vapours
  • Industry: Construction, Oil and gas, Pharmaceutical, Utilities
  • Manufacturer (Supplier): 3M CANADA COMPANY
  • Model Number Color: RCA093_02
  • Order as needed (OAN): No
  • Qty/box: 2
  • Series: 3M HF-800
3M™ Secure Click™ Organic Vapour/Acid Gas Cartridge with Dual Flow

Certified Protection for Hazardous Environments

When it comes to your safety in challenging work conditions, trust in the 3M™ Secure Click™ Organic Vapour/Acid Gas Cartridge with Dual Flow. This cartridge, with its distinctive black label, is NIOSH approved and designed to shield you against specific organic vapours and gases, providing unparalleled protection and peace of mind.

Key Features:

Advanced Protection: The NIOSH approval ensures that you're safeguarded against certain organic vapours and acid gases, making it an essential companion for high-risk tasks.

Enhanced Breathability: Experience superior breathability and comfort thanks to the revolutionary quad-flow cartridge system. Unlike traditional cartridges, this system combines two dual-flow cartridges on each respirator, creating four airflow paths for effortless breathing.

Quick and Easy Connection: There Secure Click™ technology guarantees a swift and hassle-free connection of the cartridge to your respirator. Align the connections, push until you hear a satisfying 'click,' and rest assured that your filters and cartridges are securely installed.

Improved Field of View: Your safety doesn't come at the expense of comfort. This cartridge offers an enhanced field of view, allowing you to work with clarity and precision.

Wide Range of Applications: Whether you're applying pesticides, working with coatings and sealants, spraying paint, or using organic solvents, this cartridge has you covered. It's versatile and suitable for various tasks.

Product Specifications:

Applications: Applying pesticides, Coatings and sealants, Spraying paint, Using certain organic vapours (solvents), Using solvents and applying pesticides, Varnishes.
Cartridge or Filter Type: Gas & Vapor
Clip-on Welding Shield: No
Compatible Respirator: 3M™ Secure Click™ Half Facepiece Reusable Respirators HF-800 Series
Compatible with 3M™ PAPR Systems: No
Compatible with 3M™ Supplied Air System: No
Compatible with Welding Shield: No
Connection Type: Secure Click™
Maintenance Free: Yes
NIOSH Cartridge or Filter Assigned Colour Coding: Yellow
Net Weight (Metric): 97 g
Particulate Protection: Chlorine Dioxide
Recommended Application: Seal Coatings
Recommended Industry: Aluminum Reduction, Chemical Manufacturing, Petrochemical, Pharmaceuticals, Pulp & Paper, Utilities

Intended Use:

The 3M™ Secure Click™ Organic Vapour/Acid Gas Cartridge with Dual Flow is your ultimate choice for ensuring safety in hazardous environments. Whether you're in the chemical industry or working with seal coatings, this cartridge offers unbeatable protection. Its compatibility with various respirators makes it a versatile solution for a wide range of applications.