MSA XTIRPA IN-2210 24" Davit Arm for Confined Space Entry Equipment

CTR016 MFG #: IN-2210 Q26004430
$3,940.98 /
  • Color: Yellow
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  • Manufacturer (Supplier): MINE SAFETY APPLIANCES Co., LL
  • Model Number Color: CTR016
  • Product type: Davit arm system
  • Industry: Construction
  • Applications: Confined spaces
  • Brand: Msa Canada
24” davit arm with secondary winch adapter for fall protection and retrieval facilitates access to confined
spaces. Used in conjunction with 24” mast IN-2003 and appropriate base/system or manhole guard.
IN-2108 or IN-2324. Equipped with 5,000-lb. anchor point. Unit weight: 33 lbs. 67"L x 9"W x 8"H.