Webinar: Are You Ready in Case of a Spill?

In case of a spill, would you know what to do?

There are many challenges when it comes to spills. Working in an industry where the risk is present can be dangerous if good practices are not in place.

Vehicle fleets, transportation, construction sites, all must have their spill kit!

A liquid spill can happen quickly. Having the right equipment on hand and a good plan to limit damages is essential.

Join in our FREE webinar with Brady! We will answer your questions and discuss:

  • Norms and legislation
  • Spill control program
  • Step by step procedures
  • Best practices

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Did you know?


In Canada, the LCEPA 1999 Canadian Environmental Protection Act as well as the CSAZ731-F03 (C2014) standard regulates national emergency preparedness and response. Very serious fines will be distributed to carriers if they do not comply with the legislation.


Roch Graveline
Territory Manager

Roch is a renowned territory manager and has been working for Brady Corporation for the last 33 years. Roch is skilled in operations, processes, business development, and solution selling. He started his career as a Territory Manager in the Ottawa region and is now back after 17 years in Calgary to be closer to his family.

Thursday, June 16, 2022
1:00 p.m. EST
60 minutes