Lockout Tagout Training

Lockout Tagout Training

Our training programs are customized and adapted to several approaches for steering committees, managers, supervisors, employees and analysts.

Training program for your lockout analysts dedicated to developing lockout procedures
Overview of the content (theoretical and practical components):

  • Definition and objective of a procedure
  • Procedure content requirements
  • Procedure management requirements
  • Procedure creation process
  • Tools for effective risk identification: analysis grid, field identification of devices, etc.
  • Methodology: identifying all risks, increasing efficiency, etc.
  • Project management: inventory, prioritization, preparation, follow-up, etc.
  • Practical exercises: writing procedures for some equipment

Training program for employees using lockout
Overview of the content (theoretical and practical components):

  • The definition of lockout and its importance
  • Hazardous energies: primary and residual energies and risks associated with the working environment
  • Energy source isolation devices
  • Lockout equipment: padlocks, accessories, boxes, etc.
  • Company lockout procedures: why, what and how to apply them?
  • Lockout application steps
  • Lockout methods: individual and group
  • Changing shifts
  • Lockout removal in case of omission
  • Zero energy checks
  • Practical exercises on our lockout simulator

Training program for your directors, managers and supervisors (usually the steering committee)
Overview of the content (theoretical and practical components):

  • Legislative, regulatory and standards requirements
  • Alternative methods to lockout
  • Contents of a lockout program
  • Lockout procedures
  • Required documentation
  • Steps for implementing a program in the workplace
  • Program management and auditing

The supervisory role in lockout
How can I exercise due diligence as an employer?

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