Efficient prevention through inspection

Before assigning a task to a worker, it is crucial to be aware of all the risks present. 

SPI has many health and safety experts that can help you smooth out OHS obstacles and maintain control over your workers’ wellbeing.

Why invest in inspections and audits?

  • Reduce work accidents
  • Reach your OHS objectives
  • Reduce costs related to workplace injuries
  • Be proactive against occupational risks
  • Develop an OHS culture

What is an OHS culture?

An OHS culture is represented by a set of elements that together define the personality of a company in terms of OHS. Among these elements, we find:

  • Values
  • Behaviors
  • Rules
  • Principles
  • Communication

When well integrated, these ingredients result in a well-established OHS culture that gives the company a stature and an image that will equip it for the years to come.

The impact of audits and inspections on your company's OHS culture

When we think of audits and inspections, we must imagine their impact on a continuum of time.

In the short term, our service will first allow your company to reduce the number of work-related accidents by evaluating and understanding the causes of these accidents. So, what elements will be improved in the first steps after the inspection?

  • Any urgent changes to be made for the safety of workers
  • Risks of work-related accidents
  • Verification and modification of existing equipment
  • And other elements to be defined

Then come the elements that can be considered in the medium term:

  • Implementation of training programs
  • Modification of inappropriate behaviors

These two elements are intimately linked because they require constant collaboration from all parties. Indeed, with the involvement of all the company's stakeholders, risky behaviors can be identified and corrected through continuous training and the transmission of the right messages by the leaders.

The long-term goal is always to eliminate risks at the source and to keep proactivity in mind instead of reactivity.

As the old saying goes, better safe than sorry.

By keeping this kind of motto in mind, your company will be able to establish a sustainable and solid OHS culture over time. This culture will result in benefits such as worker safety and reduced operating costs.

Why SPI?

Our team of experts is well equipped to offer personalized support when developing your prevention plan against work-related accidents. Our inspections are adapted to your reality to ensure optimal service and recommendations.

Our inspection and audit offering:

  • OHS general workplace audits and inspections
  • Inspection of ventilation systems (CVCA)
  • Inspection of mechanical shops
  • Audit on the application of federal and provincial regulations
  • Audit on work methods and techniques as well as procedure application for companies with several branches to ensure compliance with corporate instructions.

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