Your Flame-Resistant Clothing for Safe Working!

In many workplaces, wearing clothing specially designed to protect you from specific hazards is essential. This is especially true for petrochemical, metallurgical and gas workers, who have to perform more tasks involving combustion hazards.

To meet this need, many companies like Codet have put their expertise at the service of these workers by designing high-quality flame-retardant garments. 

Big Bill, a Codet company, specializes in this type of high-performance garment. With over 75 years of expertise and 350 employees, Big Bill stands out from the competition for the quality and comfort of its garments.

After all, their original mission is to produce quality clothing here without sacrificing comfort.

How does flame-retardant workwear work?

When flame-retardant garments come into contact with a source of combustion, they will normally catch fire. However, the materials with which it is made will limit flame dispersion. 

The fire will almost automatically extinguish itself.

To find out more, read Big Bill's best practices for flame-resistant workwear.

*A normal fabric would continue to burn until it was all consumed by flames or the fire was extinguished, increasing the risk of burns.

Big Bill uses Westex fabrics for its flame-resistant clothing. To learn more about Big Bill's flame-retardant garments designed with Westex UltraSoft® fabric, we've got an article for you!

Did you know that Westex is also committed to the environment? 🍃

With the goal of protecting the environment, Westex reduces the water used and emissions produced during the production of their products. Their new blend now uses biodegradable, environmentally sustainable fibers.

To find out more about Westex's environmental initiatives, see the brochure here.

Big Bill Westex Ultrasoft® Low-Rise Flame-Resistant Work Pants

SPI Code: VPA11
Manufacturer number: 2947US9

  • Excellent flame-retardant protection (meets NFPA 2112 and ASTM F2733 standards)
  • Permanent press and double fork stitching
  • High-strength Nomex® thread and seams

Big Bill Westex UltraSoft FR Multi-pocket Safety Cargo Pants With Double Reinforced Knees

SPI Code: VPAE100 
Manufacturer number: 3233US9

  • Double reinforced knees
  • Several useful pockets
  • Arc Rating: ATPV 12.4 calories/cm² + flame resistant

Big Bill High-Visible Flame Resistant Work Pants

SPI Code: VPAE42
Manufacturer number: 2945US9-NAY

  • Flame-resistant reflective strips
  • Multiple pockets for your tools
  • Comfortable and durable design

Big Bill Westex UltraSoft® FR Button-Up Industrial Work Shirt

SPI Code: VCH052
Manufacturer number: 147BDUS7

  • Practical design
  • Button front and cuffs
  • Approved for ammonia
  • Flame-retardant fabric (meets NFPA 2112 standard)

Fire-Resistant Coverall with Reflective Stripes Big Bill Westex™ UltraSoft®

SPI Code: VCO116
Manufacturer number: 1625US7

  • Excellent flame-retardant protection (meets NFPA 2112 and ASTM F2733 standards)
  • Made with 88% cotton and 12% nylon
  • 3M Scotchlite™ reflective stripes

Big Bill Flame-Resistant Welder Coverall

SPI Code: 500W11-NV
Manufacturer number: 500W11-NAY

  • Designed specifically for welders
  • Design allows for easy movement
  • All snap closures are fabric-covered (to prevent burns)
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