Walk with confidence in K1 Series Ice Cleats

Many outdoor workers have a love-hate relationship with winter. This great season brings us wonderful scenery, cozy fires, and hot cocoa. But what about freezing temperatures, ice slips, and feeling clammy?

Fortunately, today we can find much-improved health and safety equipment designed to protect us in cold temperatures. Quality equipment could ultimately make the difference between slipping on ice and injuring yourself or not.

Did you know? Slip and fall incidents are the leading cause of workers’ compensation claims.

And when the snow begins to fall, worksites become increasingly risky for employees who don’t have the right winter PPE.

Ice cleats are a great solution to stop you from falling in slippery environments. Ice grips for boots are key to prevent the repercussions of a bad slip or fall injuries at work.

Geroline created the K1 Mid-Sole Ice Cleats to answer a real issue in the industry.

These snow cleats are durable, high-quality, convenient ice cleats and designed to answer the needs of workers who face unpredictable conditions on the job.

The K1 Mid-Sole is the only certified intrinsically safe ice cleat in North America, a must needed if you work on sites where electrical and thermal energy is present.

Key features:

  • One-size-fits-all: adjustable strap for easy adjustment on the foot
  • Easy transition from indoors to outdoors: rotate to the top of your foot when traction isn’t needed.
  • Great for worksites that require driving or climbing a ladder.
  • High-visibility strap to enhance your safety.

Ice cleats that suit your needs

K1 Series Mid-Sole Ice Cleat, Regular Fit

Manufacturer product number: V9770150

SPI product number: PCR035

  • Ideal for traditional work boots
  • 15 mm cleat height
  • High-quality rubber
  • Spark-resistant durable studs

Geroline K1 Series Mid-Sole Ice Cleat, Low Fit

Manufacturer product number: V9770250

SPI product number: PCR046

  • Lower profile studs
  • Narrow rubber platform
  • Ideal for footwear with little or no heel
  • 11 mmm cleat height

Geroline K1 Series Mid-Sole Intrinsic Ice Cleat

Manufacturer product number: V8770160

SPI product number: PCR045

  • Added benefit: internationally recognized with an intrinsically safe certification that prevents sparks caused by electrical and thermal energy
  • Ideal for oil and gas, chemical, wastewater, and agricultural applications
  • 15 mm cleat height

Surewerx K1 Heelstop Ice Cleat

Manufacturer product number: V6770170

SPI product number: PCR043

  • Slip resistance: Tungsten carbide tips all over the heel
  • Durability: Flexible rubber, even in extreme cold
  • Enhanced safety: Reflective strips provide extra visibility
  • Easy attachment: Convenient Velcro straps enable easy attachment and removal.
  • Versatile design : Efficient traction for all needs

Surewerx Due North Heel Traction Aids

Manufacturer product number: V3550470

SPI product number: PCR047

  • Efficiency: Exceptional traction for all needs 
  • Durability: Flexible natural rubber, even in extreme cold
  • Folding functionality: Easy removal when traction is not required
  • Universal fit: Fits all boots

Surewerx Due North® All Purpose Winter Traction Aids

Product number: V3550270

SPI product number: PCR010

  • Durability: Flexible natural rubber, even in extreme cold
  • Improved design: Simple, easy-to-use straps
  • Textured ribbed lining: Textured lining for long-lasting, comfortable wear
  • Tungsten carbide tips: Powerful, proven traction
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