MSA says no to falls in confined spaces

Safety at heights is dangerous. But it gets even more dangerous when you add the risk of falling in a confined space. 

Fortunately, companies like MSA care about your safety in risky conditions year after year. Whether through improvements to existing equipment or innovation, the company goes above and beyond to keep you safe, even when you don’t have both feet on the ground. 

For example, the risk of death for workers in confined spaces has decreased significantly, from 150 times in 1993 to 5.5 times in 2020. This improvement is not the result of chance but instead of the sustained efforts of workers and companies to protect them. 

But beware! Taking adequate safety precautions to minimize the risk of injury and death is crucial because confined space safety is a priority. 

How does MSA look after me in confined spaces?

With its selection of protective equipment, you will always be supported when working in confined spaces. 

Safety harness with D-rings

Self-retractable lifeline

Confined space entry kit

24” davit arm for confined space

Stabilizer for portable manhole guard

Manhole guard with integrated mast

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