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The last two years have been particularly eventful for local businesses, and the importance of supporting our local companies has taken on a whole new meaning. After all, who better to know Canadian workers than Canadian workers.

This is one of the reasons why Natpro offers you the best in protective clothing of all kinds.

Who is Natpro?

You may be asking yourself this question, but you won't ask it twice once you've tried Natpro for your protective equipment!

Working in the field of protective clothing for over 60 years, this Quebec-based company develops and creates all of its products in the municipality of Saint-Stanislas.

In 1954, Robert Charrette and his family began creating work gloves and safety mitts for the municipality's workers. Year after year, the quality and the creative genius behind Mr. Charrette's products not only put him in the good graces of the region's workers, but his name began to be known throughout the province!

This is why he decided to merge with a local glove factory and open a production facility in 1969. This factory became a regional flagship and employed up to 100 people in its heyday.

Today, and since 1983, Natpro creates and develops its products in the Mauricie plant and continues to innovate to improve the health and safety of local workers.

What does Natpro do?

Although initially specialized in work gloves and safety mitts, Natpro revamped its offer when it started producing productive clothing for workers.

Don't worry, Natpro is still active in the creation and manufacturing of work gloves, and its hand protection products are more than ever at the cutting edge of technology.

When you buy from Natpro, what do you get?

For Natpro, every aspect of each product must be perfected to the maximum so that workers can have complete confidence in the products they use to protect themselves.

This is why Natpro's offer is currently limited to work gloves and work coveralls! At Natpro, it is better to do it right than to do too much, and this is precisely the philosophy you can expect when you buy their products.

For the company, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for all workers, and everyone is entitled to a product that prevents their specific risks. That being said, what kind of work gloves and protective clothing can you find at Natpro?

Protective gloves:

As for work gloves, we are talking about a tradition going on since the 1950s when they were the first product offered by the company. Thus, with time comes wisdom, and Natpro work gloves have interested you more in the last decades.

How can Natpro work gloves suit such a wide range of workers? The answer is simple; they have developed a variety of work gloves, all specialized in very distinct aspects of the environment.

When we talk about Natpro hand protection, we are covering all of these dangers:

  • Cuts
  • Welding
  • Heat
  • Water
  • Punctures
  • Etc.

These work gloves give you the chance to sweep the risks under the rug, as long as it is equipped with a Natpro work glove!

Protective clothing:

Natpro has been adding protective clothing and work coveralls to its offer for many years. In doing so, you now get protective clothing that is tested, proven, and loved by the workers who use it.

By using Natpro protective clothing, you are equipped with exceptional protection against:

  • Water
  • Flames
  • Punctures
  • Electric arcs
  • Heat
  • Welding
  • Cuts
  • Etc.

Each work suit or piece of protective clothing has been carefully designed and tested to perform a specific role for workers in all environments.

Why choose Natpro?

There are many reasons to buy protection from Natpro! But, first, see how much Natpro takes your health and safety at heart when it comes to safety at work.

Quality by the square foot

We don't stay in business as long as Natpro does if our products are not of a higher quality than the competition.

Thanks to decades of experience and continuous improvement, the hard work of our workers, and the ingenuity of our designers, Natpro offers a first-rate product that stands out for its professionalism and the durability of its materials.

In order to reduce the risks related to your field of activity as much as possible, Natpro is dedicated to finding the best performing and most durable materials available on the market, then assembles them with the help of specialists they have had on-site for many years.

There's nothing like a well-made product to work without hassle and give your best!

Smart design

By putting forward the idea that no two workers have the exact same needs, Natpro has given itself the mandate to research the best way to create each of its products.

In the company, one thing is certain: no one is the star. However, it is by working together that Natpro continues to offer products with intelligent and unusual designs.

From creating the plans to the final sewing of a work suit, communication is constant, and questioning is mandatory to guarantee a result beyond expectations.

Products adapted to our reality

There's an old saying that no one knows you better than you know yourself. So, in a similar spirit, who better to protect you than a company that lives in the same place as you, that knows the local laws and legislation and that, above all, understands YOUR reality.

This is why Natpro is the logical choice for any worker in Quebec and Canada looking for 100% adapted protection!

Tested and certified

Natpro has no intention of creating protective clothing without being confident that it performs as well in the field as it does in the laboratory. Whether we are talking about standards, such as:

  • CSA
  • etc.

You can be assured that everything recommended by Natpro has been endorsed by these occupational health and safety authorities. Moreover, Natpro does not miss its chance to go the extra mile and even has some of its products tested in prestigious institutions such as the University of Alberta to guarantee that the clothing meets the company's high expectations!

A product that suits you

What is important to note is that Natpro is one of the leaders in the work gloves and protective clothing industry in Canada and a local company that takes your needs and concerns into account.

Do you have specific needs, questions, or suggestions regarding your safety equipment? Natpro always listens to you and seeks above all to allow YOU to flourish at work and to come home healthy every night.

Buy Natpro products today!

Natpro high-visibility orange work suit

This Natpro high-visibility work suit is made of neoprene-coated nylon (7 ounces per square yard). This two-piece work suit is waterproof and perfect for workers in the oil industry; this two-piece work suit provides superior resistance against oil, alcohol, gasoline, and organic materials.

Comfortable and durable, the top and pants keep their flexibility even in winter conditions. Compliant with the standard CAN/CGSB-155.1.

Natpro safety jacket

  • SPI product number: VMA448
  • Snap button closure
  • Inner flap for added protection
  • Back vent
  • Snap button collar with removable hood
  • Delivered in 10-14 days

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Natpro safety pants with bib

  • SPI product number: VPA448
  • Front bib
  • Adjustable suspenders
  • Without fly
  • Delivered in 10-14 days

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High-visibility safety coat with padded lining

This high-visibility safety coat from Natpro has padded lining for extra comfort during your workday. Waterproof and perfect for workers in the oil industry, this safety coat provides superior resistance against oil, alcohol, gasoline, and organic materials.

This safety coat is comfortable, durable, and remains flexible even in cold temperatures, in addition to offering you high-visibility protection with silver tapes on the arms and back.

  • SPI product number: VMA172
  • 7 oz/ sq. yard Black Diamond neoprene-coated nylon
  • Snap button closure
  • Inner flaps for added protection
  • Back vent
  • Inside zipper for linings
  • Snap button collar for removable hood
  • FR protection: standard CAN/CGSB 4.2 and NFPA2112
  • Compliant with High visibility CSAZ96
  • Delivered in 10-14 days

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Natpro work coverall

The Natpro high-visibility work coverall is ideal for workers in the oil industry. This work coverall provides superior resistance against oil, alcohol, gasoline and organic materials.

Waterproof, the work coverall remains flexible even in cold temperatures and offers many comfort and protection features:

  • SPI product number: VCO286
  • 7 oz/sq. yard neoprene-coated nylon
  • Attached hood with a drawstring
  • Outside right pocket with flap and Velcro and left chest pocket with three drainage grommets each
  • Inner pocket on the right side
  • Elastic wrists
  • Front zipper closure with inner/outer flap
  • Grommet at the bottom of the zipper outside the suit for drainage
  • Zipper closure legs and hips with inside and outside flaps
  • Inverted fold on the back for easier movements
  • Sealed seams
  • Silver reflective tape on front flap (1 in.)
  • Silver reflective tape on the back (2 in.)
  • Approved for ammonia
  • Delivered in 10-14 days

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Natcom electric arc orange work suit

The Natpro two-piece work suit is arc resistant. It is made from a blend of Nomex and Kevlar fibers and coated with PVC outside (8.5 oz/sq. yard)

The work suit is waterproof, resistant to flame and electric arc, and tear and low temperature resistant with high visibility.

  • Compliant to standard ASTM F1891
  • NFPA 70E level 2 (CSA Z462-12)
  • CAN-ULC-S801-14
  • ATPV: 10 CAL/CM² EBTAS: 33 CAL/CM² HAF: 80%

Natcom safety jacket

  • SPI product number: VMEA48
  • Front snap button closure
  • Back vent
  • FR silver reflective tape
  • Delivered in 10-14 days

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Natcom safety pants with bib

  • SPI product number: VPAE48
  • Front bib
  • Adjustable suspenders
  • With fly
  • FR silver reflective tape
  • Delivered in 10-14 days

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Neoflex yellow work suit

The Natpro Neoflex two-piece suit is made of nylon coated with waterproof .34 mm neoprene. The safety jacket and pants are resistant to oil, alcohol, grease and organic materials. Both pieces are comfortable, durable and flexible even in cold temperatures.

Neoflex safety jacket

  • SPI product number: VMA171
  • Storm flap with snap buttons
  • Back vent
  • Double sealed seams
  • Delivered in 10-14 days

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Neoflex safety pants

  • SPI product number: VPA352
  • Bib pants
  • Fly with snap buttons
  • Black elastic suspenders with plastic buckles
  • Double sealed seams
  • Delivered in 10-14 days

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