Protect Your Vision: Proper Fit and Care of Safety Glasses

Eyes are our most precious allies to appreciate the world around us. We must pay attention to ensure dangers don’t affect our sight at work. According to the CNIB Foundation, more than 200 Canadians suffer eye injuries at work each day.

According to their research, eye protection can help prevent more than 90% of eye injuries.

That’s why it is recommended to wear safety glasses when facing potential risks in our work environment. The danger is to partially lose your eyesight or, even worse, become entirely blind.

Here are specific hazards workers our eyes are exposed to every day:

  • UV rays
  • Thrown objects
  • Airborne particulates, dust/wind
  • Heat
  • Sparks and splashes
  • Glare
  • Electric arc flashes

Therefore, it is crucial to select safety glasses adapted to the protection needs of your work environment.

5 steps to protect your eyes at work

  1. Learn about eye hazards found in your workplace.
  2. Eliminate risk at the source if possible.
  3. Use eye protection such as safety glasses or protective visors.
  4. Ensure proper adjustment as it will have a direct impact on the user’s comfort and field of view.
  5. Keep protective glasses in good condition to ensure their efficiency. Replace in case of breakage.

Adjustment and maintenance of safety glasses

Safety glasses must address the dangers you face, but don’t forget the importance of proper fitting for optimal protection. A good adjustment allows great comfort without interfering with the worker’s movements.

Find below the adjustment’s good practices 👇

  • The safety glasses must cover from the eyebrow to the cheek.
  • Also, they must cover the nose to the side of the face.
  • The gap between the face and the edge of the safety glasses must be minimal.
  • Safety glasses must be comfortably positioned above the temples and over the ears.
  • The frame must be set firmly on the nose bridge.
  • The user must be able to see in all directions without any obstruction.
  • Safety glasses must stay in place even if the worker tilts their head.

Remember that your choice of safety glasses may change depending on the protective equipment used simultaneously, such as visors or earmuffs.

For workers with prescription glasses, choose safety glasses adjusted to your eyesight. Also, it is possible to get safety glasses that can be worn over prescription glasses (OTG).

To learn more about OTG safety glasses, click here!


*It is mandatory to wear safety glasses compliant with standard CSA Z94.3-20 if the worker is exposed to face or eye injury risks.

However, remember that the maintenance and care of your safety glasses are also essential. Clean your safety glasses each day according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Lens cleaning wipes are specially designed for this task. Cleaning your safety glasses with water and a soft cloth is still possible.

You can spray an antifog solution on the lens to ensure adequate visibility despite accumulating fog and condensation.

When handling safety glasses, it is crucial not to scratch the lenses. Scratches can affect efficiency and decrease user visibility. If a lens is scratched or damaged, replace it for optimal eye protection and visibility.

Never modify the original version of your eye protection. 

Store your safety glasses in their protective case and keep them in a secure place to avoid dropping them.

And what about the lens tint?

Light has a significant impact on the human eye. Therefore, understanding which lens color to choose is of utmost importance.

That’s why we created this article in which you have more details on this topic.

The main objective of Kosto is your protection, especially your precious eyesight. That’s why we have launched a complete line of safety glasses.

Check it out 👇

Kosto Freedom Series Lightweight Safety Glasses

  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Thoughtful design provides wide and unobstructed vision
  • Polycarbonate lens
  • Superior scratch resistance
  • 99.9% protection against harmful UV rays
  • Many frames and lens colors available
  • CSA Z94.3/ANSI Z87.1 compliant

Safety Glasses K Series Readers with Clear Lens

  • Very high protection with a 9.75 base curve lens
  • Full side protection
  • Superior scratch resistance
  • 99.9% protection against harmful UV rays
  • Lightweight nylon temples adjust to four different lengths
  • Soft nose piece to prevent slipping

Mini-Freedom Series Safety Glasses

  • Lightweight and affordable
  • Designed for slimmer facial sizes
  • Superior scratch resistance
  • 99.9% protection against harmful UV rays
  • Integrated nose bridge
  • Many frames and lens colors available

Kosto Sky Series Safety Glasses with Antifog Lens

  • Optimized comfort
  • Perfect fit
  • High protection surface
  • Base curved lens for complete side protection
  • Removable foam padding for easy cleaning
  • Anti-scratch polycarbonate lens filter more than 99.9% of harmful UV rays
  • Selection of 3 lens tints
  • CSA Z94.3/ANSI Z87.1 approved

Kosto OTG Toska Series Safety Glasses

  • OTG-type glasses (over-the-glass)
  • Made of polycarbonate
  • Non-slip material for added comfort
  • Perfect fit
  • Anti-scratch polycarbonate lens filter more than 99.9% of harmful UV rays 
  • Integrated nose bridge
  • Compliant with CSA Z94.3 and ANSI Z87.1

Kosto Lens Cleaning Wipes Wall Distributor, 100/box

  • Perfect for cleaning safety glasses
  • Antistatic and antifog
  • Perfect for cleaning plastic glasses, goggles and polycarbonate lenses
  • Wall-mounted distributor of 100 pre-moistened, silicone-free, individually packaged towelettes

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