Find Your Best Protective Equipment with Ansell Guardian Program

All types of work injuries can have severe effects on individuals, and can also represent serious drawbacks for a company. Many organizations want to ensure that they have the most suitable personal protective equipment to keep their employees safe, to reduce injuries, and to prevent contamination.

Every industry has its realities and stakes and finding new ways to reduce PPE costs without sacrificing workers’ safety might be a challenge on its own.

Ansell is committed to helping companies select the right PPE solution to improve their safety, productivity, and cost performance.

Optimize your PPE

Ansell Guardian is an exclusive service designed to help organizations select the right personal protective equipment based on their needs, at the best price and without sacrificing worker safety. It is intended to improve businesses' productivity and cost while simultaneously meeting the increasing need to stay compliant with the safety regulations in place.

This program involves a simple yet clear process and addresses an organization’s main cost factors:

  • Performance improvements
  • Product standardization
  • Controls
  • Product management
  • Injury prevention
  • Training
  • Productivity

By focusing on the most relevant key areas, Ansell Guardian provides recommendations with the most impact for your company. This unique audit program also offers tailored risk management solutions for industrial and chemical environments, making data-driven best practice recommendations.

A tailored approach to boost your business performance

As an industry pioneer with some of the most advanced proprietary technology and analytics, Ansell has conducted more than 15,000 assessments and 20,000 chemical assessments since 2010 across the globe.

The method

Partnership: Ansell supply safety solutions while simultaneously sharing their expertise to analyze, benchmark, enhance, and put into action the right solutions for your operations.

Adaptation: They tailor and customize recommendations based on data-driven analytics, no matter the business, industry, or application.

Transformation: Ansell implements its propositions to ensure the success of PPE change management initiatives and increase your business performance.

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