Getting Out Safely − Dräger’s Escape Solutions

In a confined space, mine, or in an emergency where you’re faced with a life-threatening situation such as a fire or gas leak, quick access to safe breathing air is crucial.

Regardless of the cause, one thing is clear: workers’ complete safety is what matters most.

And since sudden incidents and unplanned situations with dangerous substances can occur in a second and that no escape scenarios are the same, our experts are here to help you select the right solution that you and your workers can rely on at all times, every time.

To ensure safeguard in an escape situation, every measure needs to be carefully planned, every worker needs to be fully trained, and every escape solution needs to be thoroughly selected.

Dräger: over 100 years of experience

Dräger is committed to the health and safety of workers across the world and has been for more than 100 years. Many generations of miners and workers know they can rely on Dräger and its quality products for protection against hazards.

What kind of escape respirator fits your application?

When every second matter: Filtering escape equipment

The unexpected discharge of hazardous gasses, vapors, or particles can happen suddenly. When this happens, you need the right training and escape equipment. It needs to be easy to don, uncomplicated, and most importantly, reliable.

The solution: Industrial escape hood

Key facts:

  • Evacuation time: 15 minutes
  • Service life: 16 years
  • Protection performance: up to 2500 ppm against a wide range of industrial gases and up to 10,000 ppm against hydrogen sulfide (H2S)
Pros of escape hoods Cons of escape hoods
  • Provides effective protection against high concentrations of some toxic substances, such as vapors or acid gases
  • Can protect against several hazardous substances simultaneously
  • Protects eyes, face, and head
  • High-visibility and flame retardant
  • Allows for verbal communication
  • Easy to don and easy to carry
  • Simple to maintain and easy to store
  • Long life span

  • Cannot be used in atmospheres with low O2 levels
  • Single-use

Our suggestion: Dräger PARAT®

The Dräger PARAT® range of filtering escape devices is designed to be put on quickly and protect your team against vapors, gases, and particles.

Created in collaboration with workers in the oil and gas, mining, and chemical industry, they offer first-class safety, comfort, and feature-tested filters that ensure its wearer optimal protection from harmful substances during an escape scenario.

Benefits of PARAT® Escape Hoods:


Ready in 3 simple steps: open the packaging, remove the unit, and don.

The PARAT is easy to deploy in an emergency. When you open the case, the filter plug automatically releases, and the filter moves into an operational position so it’s ready to use, and don.

Protection you can trust

The high-performance combination of different filters reliably protects workers against a variety of industrial gases, vapors, and particles.


16 years of service life: replacing the filter at planned intervals will extend the lift of the escape device to 16 years in total, allowing lower costs of ownership.


Its robust packaging protects the escape device from damage in challenging environments. It also allows the wearer optimal wearing and carrying comfort.

Dräger PARAT Escape Hood

  • SPI product number: RCH014
  • High-visibility hood
  • Complete protection
  • Offers a clear view
  • Textile neck seal
  • High-performance filter

When an escape needs more time: Oxygen self-rescuer

Emergencies that require urgent breathing assistance can happen anywhere−even far away from a safety point. Time is a determining factor. The right solution can increase the period of protection so workers can wait for external help to arrive safely.

The solution: Oxygen self-rescuers

Key facts:

  • Evacuation time: 30 to 60 minutes
  • Service life: 10 years
Pros of oxygen self-rescuers Cons of oxygen self-rescuers
  • Protects against higher concentrations of certain hazardous substances
  • Can be used in low O2 atmospheres
  • Can protect against several hazardous substances simultaneously
  • Easy to carry
  • Long storage life
  • Single-use
  • Designated as "escape only" breathing apparatus
  • Special regulations for disposal

Our suggestion: Dräger Oxy® 3000/6000 MK III

The Dräger Oxy 3000/6000 Self-Rescuers are designed to supply employees with oxygen in the event of an incident. In situations of oxygen deficiency, or where dangerous gases or smoke are released, these devices give workers more time (30-minute and 60-minute version) to reach the closest safety area or complete a successful escape.

They offer simple and reliable protection that resists the harshest conditions.

Easy and convenient

Both devices come with a comfort bite mouthpiece and a hand opening for left- or right-handed wearers.

High level of safety

Thanks to its new design, the internal functional unit is protected against damage. Anti-static, light, and compact, it ensures maximum security by supplying oxygen right upon donning.

Fast function check

In what condition is your Dräger oxygen self-rescuer under? Thanks to the internal safety eye window, you can estimate the mechanical stress your device has been subjected to and immediately identify if moisture or KO2 fragments are present inside the unit.

Robust construction

Its metal and plastic exterior shell feature an interior integrated shock absorber to protect the KO2 cartridge against damage in harsh environments such as mining, sewage work, or in a confined space. When activated, the exterior shell will be left behind to allow a safe and uncomplicated escape.


Less maintenance = lower costs. Robust and built to last, the Oxy 3000 MK III and the Oxy 6000 MK III escape respirators can be used maintenance-free for up to ten years - no additional tools or testing required.

Workers can quickly visually inspect the exterior shell for mechanical stress after impact and look through the safety eye to know about its functionality to reduce operating costs.

Dräger Oxy® 3000/6000 MK III escape respirator

  • SPI product numbers: DG-6305820 and DG-6306000
  • Opener with seal
  • Robust plastic lid
  • Abrasion protection
  • Immediate activation of starter when donning the device
  • Anti-static breathing bag
  • Hip worn, shoulder, or hand carry options available

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