When you need to work at heights, you can trust 3M

Working at heights is one of the most dangerous tasks performed at work as it requires performing many different maneuvers with different protective equipment that is not found in other job types.

For that reason, such specific and precise tasks required equally specialized protective equipment.

3M continues to innovate to keep you safe when working at heights where your safety depends on the protective equipment used.

The new X Series fall arrest safety harnesses from 3MTM DBI-SALA® ExoFitTM have been improved once more to guarantee your safety on three levels: safety, comfort, and efficiency.

Unsurpassed safety

When high above the ground, a safety harness is the piece of protective equipment that stands between you and a 10-meter fall, so better use the safest model on the market.

The straps made of durable and resistant materials can support the worker’s weight after a fall. They go into automatic locking quick-connect buckles that maintain the adjustment in case of an accident.

The robust aluminum pin buckle holds you securely on the torso without impeding your movements. Straps slide into the pectoral loops and around the hips where they will link with a shock-absorbing protection in case of a fall.

On the back is a stand-up D-ring, a 3MTM patent, that can be attached quickly and safely to SRL adapters.

Safety harnesses are fitted with ScotchlightTM  reflective material at strategic points to ensure workers are visible even in low light.

Never forget that a quality harness must be paired with an equally efficient lifeline for optimal protection. We have what you need!

Did you know?

With its X Series, 3MTM offers five types of harnesses!

General industry


Construction and weight distribution

Wind energy


Don’t select your safety harness according to its look or price.

Select your protective equipment according to your industry and the specific actions you must accomplish.

Durable comfort

Comfort is a priority for 3MTM, and that’s why innovation in the field of working at heights is crucial. As the work requires absolute focus for endless hours, there is no need for your protective equipment to interfere in any way.

All surfaces of the X Series harness directly in contact with the skin are covered with padded material molded to your morphology. Also, it allows free breathing even when wearing the same equipment all day long.

The padded belt helps support the worker’s weight after a fall to prevent an impact injury due to the sudden stop.

The metallic pieces on the X300 model reinforce the strength of the harness. Made of lightweight aluminum, it avoids any unnecessary load for workers who need to wear it for their entire shift.

Is aluminum that lightweight?

Aluminum is a choice material when looking for a dense metal without adding to the load.

For example, one part of aluminum can replace two parts of any other metal, like steel, such as in the construction sector where durability is a priority.

Also, aluminum is corrosion-resistant even before adding any preservative. Therefore, the metallic elements found on the harness will be even more durable over time.

The efficiency you deserve

The mission of 3M is also to make your life easier when it’s time to make your workday profitable.

As for communications, the 3MTM X Series safety harnesses offer the possibility to add a radio/phone holster directly on the left pectoral strap. That way, you can communicate with your colleagues without endangering yourself or having to remove your harness.

At the same position, you can use the safety harness right strap to install the 3MTM Connected Safety ID for simplified management of products, inspections and services associated with your 3MTM equipment.

Wearing the right safety harness is essential, but there are other potential risks when working at heights, such as leading edges. Learn more about this type of risk.

Even when your feet don’t touch the ground, stay safe with the 3MTM DBI-SALA® ExoFitTM X Series safety harnesses.

3MTM DBI-SALA® ExoFitTM X Series Safety Harnesses


  • SPI product code: CHAX02
  • Weight distribution system (specific models only)
  • Individual integrated SRL adapter and anti-sliding dorsal D-ring pad
  • Adjustable revolving torso adapter
  • Integrated suspension trauma straps


  • SPI product codes: CHAX21 and CHAX22
  • Dual-locking quick-connect buckles
  • Automatic stand-up D-ring
  • Individual SRL adapter
  • Anti-sliding dorsal D-ring pad
  • Adjustable revolving torso adapter
  • Integrated suspension trauma straps


  • SPI product codes: CHAX31 and CHAX32
  • Auto-locking quick-connect buckles
  • Weight distribution system (specific models only)
  • Lightweight aluminum accessories
  • Automatic stand-up D-ring
  • Individual SRL adapter
  • Anti-sliding stand-up D-ring pad
  • Revolving torso adapters
  • Integrated suspension trauma strap