The 3M Versaflo Series: The Powered Air-Purifying Respirator You Need

If you work in environments with many harmful particles in the air that can affect your health, your respiratory protection needs to be more effective than a simple N95 mask. That said, powerful respiratory systems are available and can filter out more particles and even gases and vapors.

Powered Air-Purifying Respirators (PAPRs) can meet even the most demanding respiratory protection needs.

What is included in this type of respiratory system?

A PAPR generally consists of the following five components:

  • Helmet 
  • Blower
  • Filter
  • Battery
  • Breathing tube

Additional equipment can be added to provide visual, hearing and head protection.

The advantages of a PAPR system

Not sure whether to buy a PAPR system? We've got an article for you detailing the advantages of using a PAPR system for respiratory protection.

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What are the advantages of choosing 3M for your PAPR?

  • Easy to breathe
  • Wide, clear peripheral vision
  • Easy to fit
  • Easy maintenance thanks to removable parts
  • Optimal comfort thanks to well-distributed weight
  • Versaflo systems are very easy to use
  • Can be used in many industries
  • Complete protection (eyes, ears, head, respiratory)
  • Battery and filter alarms
  • Several choices of compatible filters and cartridges

3M Versaflo Heavy Industry Powered Air-Purifying Respirator Kit,TR-300N+ HIK 3M

SPI product code: RTR045

  • Ready to use for industrial applications
  • Protects against particles
  • Equipped with two types of alarms
  • Goggles and ear protection can easily be added
  • High-efficiency battery

3M Versaflo Powered Air-Purifying Respirator, TR-302N

SPI product code: RTR061

  • Easy to use and versatile
  • Excellent protection against particles
  • Two flow options: 6.5 CFM and 7.2 CFM
  • Used for assembly, sandblasting, cleaning, metal repair and painting
  • Includes only blower, filter guard and flowmeter

3M Versaflo Heavy Industry Powered Air-Purifying Respirator Kit, TR-600-HIK

SPI code: RTR048

  • Protects against certain gases, vapors and particles
  • Tough, durable faceshield with visor
  • Protects against sparks and debris
  • Sturdy waistband designed with airflow channels
  • Used for industrial, demolition, grinding, finishing and metal-casting operations

3M Versaflo Powered Air-Purifying Respirator Unit, TR-602N

SPI code: RRE025

  • This is the replacement powered blower for 3M Versaflo TR-600 respirators.
  • Perfect for the construction, food, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, transportation and warehousing industries
  • Combine with 3M Versaflo components to create a complete powered air-purifying respirator

3M Versaflo Hard Hat Assembly, Premium Visor and Faceseal, M-307

SPI code: RCH005

  • Lightweight, compact and well-balanced
  • Increased resistance to chemicals and scratches
  • Cooling and heating, air regulation and low-pressure valves
  • Transparent visor with polycarbonate coating
  • Flame-retardant polyester face-sealing membrane

3M Adflo Powered Air-Purifying Respirator with 3M Speedglas Welding Helmet

SPI code: YMT021

  • Includes respiratory protection, safety helmet, optional hearing protection and fold-down welding shield
  • Wider field of vision for a better view of the work area
  • High-efficiency particulate filter
  • Self-darkening filter (ADF) features precision optics
  • Lithium-ion battery