Professional Hearing Loss: Easy to Avoid with 3M

According to Statistics Canada, almost 3.6 million Canadians are working each day in a noisy environment. Of those, half are vulnerable to noise, meaning they are not adequately protected.

Excessive noise in the work environment may contribute to raised blood pressure, sleep disorders, stress, but also more frequently industrial or professional deafness and tinnitus.

There are two kinds of professional deafness: traumatic deafness – that happens after a shock (detonation or explosion, for example) and deafness associated with chronic exposure to noise – that unfolds insidiously into the worker’s daily life.

Prevention is the best asset to eliminate risks and increase hearing protection.

Fit testing of hearing protection devices

To be aware of the workers’ Personal Attenuation Rating (PAR) is to eliminate uncertainties when managing hearing protection compliance.

Why choose 3M for the fit testing of hearing protection devices

Get a complete solution for the fit testing of hearing protection devices, including double testing for the ears and testing of earmuffs, as well as a user-friendly interface. The Dual-Ear Validation system 3MTM E-A-RfitTM is a quick and easy way to determine the PAR of your employees, which is an important step in your hearing protection program. 3M, a leader in hearing protection, can help adjust this program to achieve in-depth protection.

The characteristics of the Dual-Ear Validation system 3MTM E-A-RfitTM

  • Tests both ears simultaneously
  • Quick, clear and accurate results
  • Earmuff and earplug testing capability
  • Tests at 7 standard frequencies
  • Perfect integration with the software
  • Science-based quantitative testing
  • Compact design

With properly adjusted ear protection, selected according to your needs, hearing loss is 100% preventable.

Find out the different options available with the 3M technologies: