Kosto Twin-Leg Lanyard with Pack-Style Energy Absorber, Class B and Y

$162.98 /
  • Applications: Working-at-heights
  • Arc flash resistant: No
  • Brand: Kosto
  • Class: B, Y
  • Hook Type: Standard
  • In Stock Program: Yes
  • Industry: Construction, Forestery, Manufacturing, Mining, Oil and gas, Utilities
  • Lanyards And Positioning ― Standards: CSA-Z259.11-17, ANSI A10.32, ANSI Z359.13
  • Material: Polyester
  • Type of Lanyard: Shock-Absorbing lanyards
Introducing the Kosto Twin-Leg Lanyard with External Energy Absorber, a reliable fall protection system designed to minimize injuries and reduce the impact on the worker's body in the event of a fall.

Safety lanyards are used to connect the worker's harness to the anchorage connector and the compliant anchor point. With the double lanyard and external absorber, workers can move between various supports while ensuring fall protection.

The energy absorber, when deployed, limits the maximum arrest force during the fall and dissipates the kinetic energy generated by the fall.

It's made of polyester and features two double-locking zinc-plated steel snap hooks, a "pack" style energy absorber, and two 2.2" galvanized steel automatic-locking scaffold hooks.

Capacity: 59-140kg (130-310lbs) (equipment included)

Technical Data:

Maximum Arrest Force: 408 kg (900 lb)
Maximum Fall Distance: 1.8m (6')
Maximum Deployment: 1.2m (4')
Maximum Deployment Factor D310 = 0.55

The zinc-plated steel snap hooks have a 3/4" (19 mm) opening and can withstand a maximum force of 1633 kg (3600 lb).

Ensure worker safety and compliance with the Kosto Double Safety Lanyard, equipped with a label protector and a sturdy 1" polyester webbing for added durability.