Kosto 3 Pieces High Visibility Rainsuit CSA Approved

$106.98 /
  • Brand: Kosto
  • Hi-Vis Protection: CSA Z96-15 Class 3
  • In Stock Program: Yes
  • Industry: Construction, Manufacturing, Transport and warehousing, Utilities
  • Lining: Mesh
  • Material: Polyester, Polyurethane
  • Product Type: Rainsuits
  • Protection type: High visibility, Waterproof
  • Safety standards/Class: Class 3 Level 2 / CSA Z96-09
When it comes to safety in challenging weather conditions, the Kosto 3-Piece High Visibility Rainsuit, CSA Approved, stands as your ultimate shield. Crafted to deliver the highest level of protection without compromising on comfort, this rainsuit is a game-changer for professionals across various industries.

Made from robust and tear-resistant polyester Oxford 300D with a polyurethane coating, this rainsuit is built to withstand the toughest environments. Its interior features a 100% polyester 65G mesh lining, ensuring breathability even during demanding tasks. The suit is adorned with 4" reflective tape for enhanced visibility, ensuring you stay safe in low-light conditions.

But what truly sets this rainsuit apart is its waterproof capabilities. It features one horizontal stripe around the waist, two vertical stripes on the front, and an X on the back, all adorned with vertical tape on the legs. The laminated tape-sealed seams provide impeccable waterproof protection, keeping you dry and comfortable. The bib overall pants come with elastic suspenders for a secure fit, while zippers on the front and legs make it easy to put on and take off.

With Velcro closures on the pants and sleeves, you can adjust the suit to your liking, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit. Two front pockets with Velcro closures offer convenience for storage. Plus, the suit includes a removable hood with snaps for versatility in changing weather conditions.

This rainsuit is not just about protection; it's about ensuring you're visible and compliant. It meets CSA Z96-15 Class 3, Level 2 standards, guaranteeing top-tier safety for professionals who work in challenging environments.

Key Features:

Material: Polyester Oxford 300D with polyurethane coating
Tear and abrasion-resistant
Interior: 100% Polyester 65G mesh
4" reflective tape for enhanced visibility
Waterproof with laminated tape-sealed seams
Bib overall pants with elastic suspenders
Front and leg zippers for easy wear
Velcro closures on pants and sleeves
2 front pockets with Velcro closure
Removable hood with snaps

Intended Use:

The Kosto 3-Piece High Visibility Rainsuit is your trusted companion in various industries where safety and visibility are paramount. Whether you work in construction, road maintenance, or any profession that demands protection in challenging weather conditions, this rainsuit has you covered. Stay safe, stay dry, and stay visible on the job.

Certifications and Standards:

CSA Z96-15 Class 3, Level 2 certified