Technology for Life

Do you know a lot of companies that can boast 130 years of experience? There are not many out there.

That is what Dräger has been all about since 1889, transforming technology into “technology for life”. It started with Johann Heinrich Dräger perfecting a beer tap and pressure system. The Lubeca valve was the first invention from Dräger, and that technology would then be used to help in the medical field and rescue operations, particularly in mines.

Mr. Dräger invented the first reliable closed-circuit respiratory protective device a hundred years ago. This innovation was destined for teams performing rescues inside mines. From there arose the promise of always offering mine workers the protective equipment that would allow them to breathe easily.

What about Dräger today?

One hundred thirty years later, Dräger didn’t change the approach but multiplied the fields where the company offers its life-saving technology. Now, it can be found in hospitals, fire departments, emergency services, authorities, mines, and industries benefiting from the numerous Dräger innovations. Dräger products help protect and save lives while supporting many workers worldwide.

With its great diversity of personal protective equipment, Dräger is an undisputed leader around the globe. The company is present in many countries, and to prove the extent and depth of its work, here are a few numbers about this German company today.

  • A history of more than 130 years
  • Present in more than 190 countries
  • Sales and service locations in around 50 countries

One hundred thirty years later, Dräger always strives to transform technology into “technology for life”.

What protective respiratory equipment does Dräger offer?

The company diversified its respiratory protection product portfolio to better meet workers’ needs worldwide. That’s why Dräger offers portable and fixed solutions for gas detection, flame detection, personal protective equipment, fire protection, and specialized equipment for rescue and evacuation.

As it started in this field, Dräger created gas detectors renowned for their reliability and efficiency. Moreover, with many detectors capable of detecting more than one gas, Dräger pushes the limits of innovation by measuring up to 7 gases simultaneously with the X-am® 8000 detector.


Also, when working with gas and harmful particles found in the air, it is essential to have the required personal protective equipment when confronted with this invisible hazard. Even if Dräger gas detectors are doing part of the work, you must wear a respiratory mask that filters particulates. With its many years of experience in the field, Dräger offers high-quality protective masks that meet the standards of several industries in Canada.

Dräger provides you with different types of respiratory protection masks, including disposable masks against dust, reusable half-masks, and full-face pieces. In addition, all half-masks and full-face pieces can be combined with a great variety of Dräger filters for different applications.

What are the advantages of using Dräger masks?

Dräger respiratory masks are lightweight and adapt perfectly to the shape of your face, offering you a comfortable work experience, even for an extended period of time. The mask straps are large to avoid excess pressure on the head. In addition, the Dräger respiratory protective equipment provides reliable respiratory protection against all types of gases, vapors, dust and particulates that can be found in the air.

The materials used in making Dräger respiratory masks are durable and allow you to work in the most challenging work environments. The vision offered by Dräger is always distortion free, clear and wide. The ventilation system prevents condensation on the lens, providing the worker’s a clear and unobstructed view you can count on.

Finally, with a wide selection of mask filters and cartridges, it’s easy for workers to use a Dräger respiratory mask for the proper job protection.

Dräger offers high-quality respiratory masks; all you need to do is find the right one for you!

Dräger X-plore® 5500 full facepiece with Triplex visor and stainless-steel lens frame

  • SPI code: RA-R56655
  • Industries: Chemical, metallurgy, automotive, naval construction, and supply.
  • Comfortable and secure fit
  • Double-layered face seal with triple sealing edge for almost every face shape
  • Triplex large visor (180° angle)
  • Easy filter insertion
  • 5-point head harness
  • Compact and discreet design


Dräger X-plore 5500 full facepiece mask

  • SPI code: RA-R55270
  • Industries: Chemical, metallurgy, automotive, naval construction, and supply.
  • Robust EPDM mask body
  • High comfort level
  • Double-layered face seal with triple sealing edge for almost every face shape
  • Flexible support with 5-point adjustment
  • 180º wide angle
  • Efficient ventilation system to ensure a fog-free and unobstructed view


Dräger FPS® 7000 large full-facepiece mask

  • SPI code: R56200 
  • Applications: Fire service, emergency response, mine rescue, confined spaces.
  • 180° field of view
  • Large distortion-free polycarbonate lens
  • Even air distribution across the mask
  • Flexible support with 5-point adjustment
  • Ergonomic head bands and double-sealed body for optimal comfort
  • Optimal protection and adjustment


Dräger X-plore 3300 twin-filter half-face mask

  • SPI code: RA-R55331
  • Applications: Chemical cleaning, maintenance, sanding, sawing, painting, varnishing, construction, and laboratory work.
  • Dräger specific bayonet connection
  • Twin-filter system
  • Mask made of Soft-TPE or DrägerFlex (silicone free)
  • FlexiFit head straps provide even pressure
  • Large expiration valve
  • Soft material on the skin
  • Easy to don on and off


Dräger X-plore 3500 half-face mask

  • SPI code: RA-R55351
  • Applications: Chemical cleaning, maintenance, sanding, sawing, painting, varnishing, construction, and laboratory work.
  • DrägerFlex material with hypoallergenic properties
  • Excellent resistance and protection against chemicals
  • Flexible nose bridge
  • Flexible criss-cross pattern for easy adjustment
  • Highly durable and comfortable
  • Accessories and replacement parts are available


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