Arc flash: a hazard to be taken seriously

What’s an arc flash?

It is an electrical discharge visible to the naked eye that is transmitted through the air between two conductors. The arc flash happens in an insulating place. This phenomenon creates a violet light and releases dangerous heat.

We are talking about temperatures up to 20,000°C (35,000°F)!

Arc flashes usually occur during a short circuit or when a tool meets with a powered machine or part. An arc flash creates an explosion that releases a very high level of pressure that can hit a nearby worker.

What are the dangers of an arc flash?

It is obvious that exposure to arc flash can be very dangerous for your health. So here is a list of the dangers that can be created by an arc flash:

  • Severe burns that can be fatal
  • Being propelled to the ground
  • Receiving molten metal droplets
  • The pressure of the explosion can damage hearing
  • It can create a fire in the workplace
  • The light created can affect the worker's eyesight

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How to choose the right work gloves against arc flash?

To intervene on energized equipment, workers require protection. The human body is vulnerable to an arc flash, and the following information found in this article concerning work gloves is also applicable to any other personal protective equipment.

When selecting work gloves designed for arc flash protection, we need to look at the glove’s ATPV (Arc Thermal Performance Value). The ATPV represents the incident energy rate with a 50% chance of causing second-degree burns.

For example, with a glove having an ATPV value of 8.2 cal/cm² you have a fifty percent chance of suffering from a second-degree burn caused by an 8.2 cal/cm² arc flash. Therefore, the higher the ATPV rate, the more protective the glove.

Dexterity® and Endura® : the arc flash resistant work gloves

Dexterity work gloves benefit from a Kevlar®/Protex® yarn blend for impressive heat and cut resistance. For Endura® work gloves, it is instead a DuPont™ Kevlar® and composite filament fiber liner that provides such protection.

Scientifically engineered to be flame resistant, these gloves offer a Category 3 rating and an APTV rating up to 36 cal/cm², as well as ANSI Level 5 cut protection to protect workers from electrical arcing and cut hazards.

The flexible and comfortable neoprene palm is flame resistant and offers an exceptional grip without hindering dexterity, making this glove perfect for mining and oil and gas industries where arc flash protection is essential.

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Superior Glove Dexterity® Flame-Resistant Arc Flash Work Gloves with Neoprene Palm

  • SPI code: MGC429
  • Resistance to arc flash (level 2)
  • Protection against flame
  • Yarn blends DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber with flame-resistant fibers
  • Cut resistance ANSI level A4
  • 13-gauge knit shell
  • Neoprene palm coating
  • These gloves are treated with Ultra-Fresh
  • 9% antimicrobial status

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Superior Glove Endura® Cut and Impact Restistant Driver Work Gloves With Arc Flash Protection

  • SPI code: MGG366
  • Goatskin gloves
  • Reinforced back-of-hand protection
  • DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber / composite filament fiber lining
  • 360° ANSI Level A5 cut protection
  • Résistance aux impacts
  • Oilbloc™ treatment which prevents oils and liquids from soaking into the leather
  • Padded palm increases durability while suppressing vibrations
  • Level 3 Arch Flash testing rating
  • Protection from sparks and flame

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Superior Glove Endura® Arc Flash Cut-Resistant Driver Work Gloves with Kevlar® and Composite filament fiber Lining

  • SPI code: MGGX18
  • Goatskin gloves
  • Benefit from a cut-and-sewn construction
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Keystone thumb design extends product longevity
  • DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber / composite filament fiber lining
  • 360° ANSI Level A5 cut protection
  • ANSI Level 3 puncture resistance
  • Level 3 rating for Arc Flash testing

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Superior Glove Endura® Extended Gauntlet MIG Welding Work Gloves with 360° Cut Protection and Heat Resistance

  • SPI code: MGV142
  • Made of goatskin leatherPoignets
  • 6″ gauntlet cuffs
  • Cut-and-sewn construction
  • Lining made with blended aramid
  • 360° ANSI Level A4 cut protection
  • ANSI Level 3 puncture resistance
  • Arc flash level 3 rating
  • ANSI level 3 heat rating
  • Protection against heat up to 200°C / 392°F
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Superior Glove Contender™ 18″ Arc Flash Rated FR Work Sleeve

  • SPI code: VMN151
  • Made with DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber
  • 360° cut resistance with ANSI Level A5
  • Resists burning and melting
  • Arc Flash tested for Level 2 (ATPV of 8 cal/cm2)
  • Tapered 18” sleeve
  • Fire resistant

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