3M™ E-A-R Classic Uncorded Earplugs, 200/box

$49.98 /
  • Brand: E-A-R
  • Delta Last Modified: 3/25/2022 6:59:00 PM
  • Disposable product: Yes
  • Editor Enrichment Status: Completed
  • NRR dB: 29
  • Product Type: Earplugs without cord
  • Qty/box: 200
  • Series: 3M E-A-R Series
These Classic E-A-R cordless earplugs from 3M are a great choice for protecting your ears at work.

They are the most popular earplugs in the world! The size, shape and foam are proven. The plugs are packaged in a cushioned bag.

Noise protection rating of 29 dB. 200 per box.